Names (Alteration) Act


Names (Alteration) Act

Chapter 10:14

  • Commenced on 6 May 1983
  • [This is the version of this document at 31 December 2016 and includes any amendments published up to 31 December 2017.]
  • [Note: This version of the Act was revised and consolidated by the Law Development Commission of Zimbabwe]
AN ACT to provide for the alteration and correction of the names of certain local authorities, institutions, statutory bodies, places, areas and companies within Zimbabwe; and to provide for matters connected with or incidental to the foregoing.

1. Short title

This Act may be cited as the Names (Alteration) Act [Chapter 10:14].

2. Interpretation

In this Act—local authority” means a municipality, town, local board or rural district council;Minister” means the Minister of Local Government, Rural and Urban Development or any other Minister to whom the President may, from time to time, assign the administration of this Act;place” includes a public building, road, street, river or natural feature.

3. Alteration of names

Notwithstanding any other law but subject to this Act, the local authorities, institutions, statutory bodies, places and areas which have hitherto been known by the names specified in the first column of the Schedule shall be known by the names specified in the second column of the Schedule opposite such first-mentioned names.

4. Amendment of Schedule

(1)Subject to subsection (2) and section ten, the Minister may, by statutory instrument, from time to time amend the Schedule by adding thereto the name of any local authority, institution, statutory body, place or area or by subtracting any name therefrom or altering any name specified therein.
(2)The Minister shall not alter the name of any public building, road or street in terms of subsection (1) except after consultation with the person in whom the ownership or control of the building, road or street is vested.

5. Alteration of names of companies

(1)In this section—“Registrar” means the Chief Registrar of Companies or a registrar of companies appointed for the purposes of the Companies Act [Chapter 24:03].
(2)Notwithstanding section 25 of the Companies Act [Chapter 24:03] but subject to this section and section ten, a company whose name incorporates a name specified in the first column of the Schedule, or a shortened or abbreviated version of such a name, may, by resolution passed at a meeting of the directors of the company, after obtaining the written approval of the Registrar, alter its name.
(3)Before altering its name in terms of subsection (2), a company shall—
(a)cause to be published, once in the Gazette and once in a newspaper circulating in the district in which the registered office of the company is situated, an advertisement—
(i)setting forth the proposed new name of the company; and
(ii)stating that the company intends to apply to the Registrar for his approval of the proposed alteration of its name; and
(iii)calling upon interested persons to lodge any representations they may wish to make in regard to the proposed alteration of its name, in writing, with the Registrar within fourteen days after the last publication of the advertisement; and
(b)not later than fourteen days after the last publication of the advertisement in terms of paragraph (a), apply to the Registrar for his approval of the proposed alteration of its name.
(4)Upon receipt of an application in terms of paragraph (b) of subsection (3), the Registrar may, after considering any representations lodged with him in terms of paragraph (a) of that subsection, in writing grant or refuse to grant approval of the proposed alteration of the name of the company.
(5)When a company has altered its name in terms of this section, the Registrar shall enter the new name in the register of companies in place of the former name and shall issue to the company a certificate of incorporation altered to meet the circumstances of the case, or a certificate that the new name is entered in the register in place of the former name.
(6)No fee shall be payable for anything done by the Registrar in terms of this section.

6. Construction of references to names

Subject to section eleven, where in any enactment, deed or document a local authority, institution, statutory body, place or area whose name has been altered by or in terms of this Act is referred to by its former name specified in the first column of the Schedule, such reference shall, where appropriate, be construed as a reference to the name specified opposite such former name in the second column of the Schedule.

7. Rectification of plans, diagrams, deeds and documents

(1)Notwithstanding the Land Survey Act [Chapter 20:12], the Surveyor-General may, free of charge, for the purpose of giving effect to the alteration of a name by or in terms of this Act, make any endorsement upon or alteration to any general plan, diagram or document filed or recorded in his office or registered in a Deeds Registry or tendered to him for such endorsement or alteration to be made:Provided that, where he has made such an endorsement upon or alteration to any general plan, diagram or document filed or recorded in his office or registered in a Deeds Registry, he shall, if requested to do so by the owner, free of charge, make an equivalent endorsement upon or alteration to the owner’s copy of the relevant diagram or document.
(2)Notwithstanding the Deeds Registries Act [Chapter 20:05], a Registrar of Deeds may, free of charge, for the purpose of giving effect to any alteration of a name by or in terms of this Act, make any endorsement upon or alteration to any deed or document registered or recorded in his registry, and if at any time the owner’s copy of the deed or document so endorsed or altered is lodged in his registry for any purpose, he shall, free of charge, cause an equivalent endorsement or alteration to be made thereon:Provided that, before making any such alteration, a Registrar of Deeds may require the owner of the deed or document concerned to produce such documents as he may specify.
(3)Notwithstanding the Mines and Minerals Act [Chapter 21:05], a mining commissioner or other officer responsible for the registration of mining titles may, free of charge, for the purpose of giving effect to any alteration of a name by or in terms of this Act, make any endorsement upon or alteration to any register or document in his office or to any certificate or document tendered to him for such endorsement or alteration to be made:Provided that, where he has made an endorsement upon or alteration to any register or document in his office he shall, if requested to do so by the holder, free of charge, make an equivalent endorsement upon or alteration to any certificate or document which is held by any person and which relates to the register entry or document so altered.

8. Validation of anticipatory use of new names

No enactment, deed or document made or executed on or after the 18th April, 1982, shall be invalid or in any way ineffective solely by reason of the fact that in such enactment, deed or document a local authority, institution, statutory body, place or area was referred to by its new name specified in the second column of the Schedule before its name was altered by or in terms of this Act.

9. Effect of changes of names

The alteration by or in terms of this Act of the name of any local authority, institution, statutory body or company shall not affect any rights or obligations of the local authority, institution, statutory body or company nor render defective any legal proceedings by or against the local authority, institution, statutory body or company, and any legal proceedings that might have been continued or commenced by or against the local authority, institution, statutory body or company under its former name may be continued or commenced by or against it, as the case may be, under its new name.

10. Saving of other laws

Nothing in this Act shall be construed as derogating from the power of any person in terms of any other law to alter the name of any local authority, institution, statutory body, company, place or area, whether or not such name has been altered by or in terms of this Act.

11. Amendment of Acts

The President may, by statutory instrument, amend any Act in order to give effect to the alteration of any name by or in terms of this Act

Schedule (Section 3)

Alteration of names

Part I – Cities and City Councils

Old name New name
City of Gwelo City of Gweru
City of Salisbury City of Harare
City of Umtali City of Mutare
City Council of Gwelo City Council of Gweru
City Council of Salisbury City Council of Harare
City Council of Umtali City Council of Mutare

Part II – Municipalities and Municipal Councils

Old name New name
Municipality of Fort Victoria Municipality of Masvingo
Municipality of Gatooma Municipality of Kadoma
Municipality of Hartley Municipality of Chegutu
Municipality of Marandellas Municipality of Marondera
Municipality of Que Que Municipality of Kwekwe
Municipality of Sinoia Municipality of Chinhoyi
Municipal Council of Fort Victoria Municipal Council of Masvingo
Municipal Council of Gatooma Municipal Council of Kadoma
Municipal Council of Hartley Municipal Council of Chegutu
Municipal Council of Marandellas Municipal Council of Marondera
Municipal Council of Que Que Municipal Council of Kwekwe
Municipal Council of Sinoia Municipal Council of Chinhoyi

Part III – Towns and Town Councils

Old name New name
Selukwe Shurugwi
Selukwe Town Council Shurugwi Town Council

Part IV – Incorporated areas

Note: In this Part, the term “incorporated area” means a former local government area or African township which has been incorporated into a larger urban area.
Old name New name
Mvurwi Suoguru

Part V – Unincorporated urban areas and business centres

Old name New name
Balla Balla Mbalabala
Belingwe Mberengwa
Chakara (Business centre, Chegutu District) Chikara
Chipinga Chipinge
Dett Dete
Enkeldoorn Chivhu
Essexvale Esigodini
Ingezi Ngezi
Inyazura Nyazura
Mangula Mhangura
Mashaba Mashava
Mawuto (Business centre, Chegutu District) Mauto
Mazoe Mazowe
Melsetter Chimanimani
Miami Mwami
Mtepatepa Mutepatepa
Mrewa Murewa
Mtoko Mutoko
Mtorashanga Mutorashanga
Ndhlumbi (Business centre, Hurungwe District) Ndlumbi
Nkai Nkayi
Nuanetsi Mwenezi
Nyamatara (Business centre, Hurungwe District) Nyamutora
Nyamunga ( Business centre, Hurungwe District) Nyamhumga
Shabani Zvishavane
Sipolilo Guruve
Somabula Somabhula
Tjolotjo Tsholotsho
Umvukwes Mvurwi
Umvuma Mvuma
Urungwe Hurungwe
Vila Salazar Sango
Zawi Zave

Part VI – Villages

Old name New name
Bubi District—
Chief Kayisa Kayisa
Chegutu District—
Baradzayi Paradzai
Chabgwanda Chahwanda
Chibirira Chibikira
Chidjgausiku Chidyausiku
Chief Mpawose Mupawose
Chirimuwuta Chirimuuta
Chitawuro Chitauro
Chitine Chitinhe
Chivima Chivhima
Choga Munyonga
Denya Dhenya
Ganga Gan’a
Jonera Jonhera
Kasirori Kasiroori
Kawondera Kaondera
Mabiza Mabhiza
Maruma Marumha
Masawi Mwere Masawimwero
Mawuto Mauto
Matswaire Matsvaire
Mayengwa Muvengwa
Mgambiwa Mugambiwa
Mizha Mhizha
Mkanga Mukanga
Mpawose Mupawose
Msara Musara
Msonza Musonza
Mtizwa Mutizwa
Mudhayiwa Muchayiwa
Murawuro Murauro
Muteromotsi Muteromots
Namo Nhamo
Nira Nhira
Nyakadzino Nyikadzino
Nyambuke Muyambuki
Pasipanodjga Pasipanodya
Rgwizi Rwizi
Showane Shonha
Tazwichka Tazvitya
Zwidzayi Zvidzai
Zwoma Zvoma
Charter District—
Chapiruka Chipiruka
Manyiri Manyere
Mawari Maware
Mchineripi Muchineripi
Tandayi Tandai
Tendayi Tendai
Hurungwe District—
Chakua Chakuwa
Chayenyanga Chamonyongo
Chidakwa Chidhakwa
Chidoma Chidhoma
Chief Dandawa Dandawa
Chief Mujinga Mujinga
Fsikira Tsikira
Goromusandu Goremusandu
Jachiona Tichaona
Jaranga Joronga
Kangavsatu Kangausaru
Karawanyila Maravanyika
Kutama Kutumha
Maganrura Magandure
Mahatchi Mahachi
Maparangwanda Marangwanda
Mapulazi Mapurazi
Maringapool Maringapasi
Matsvyru Matsviru
Mgandani Mugandani
Motengal Matenga
Mranamika Maravanyika
Mtengu Mutengu
Murayayi Urayai
Mutena Mutenha
Muwenga Muvenga
Mwendapatiwa Mwendaparirwa
Mzungu Manzungu
Naamondere Nyamhondoro
Ndora Ndoro
Nyamarama Nyamaromo
Nyamhaiwa Nyamahwe
Nyamupfuri Nyamupfurira
Nyawisva Nyaisva
Rukanzo Kanzo Rukanzakanza
Runganga Run’anga
Twedza Tevedza
Wunganari Unganai
Hwange District—
Ayelukwa Nyelukwa
Mtopi Meuphi
Mtshisu Mtshiso
Nkatzo Nkathazao
Kadoma District—
Butete Utete
Chamunorgwa Chamunorwa
Chief Neuso Neuso
Chief Wozhele Hozheri
Gureze Ngureze
Mafavuke Mafavhuke
Mapane Mapani
Marombo Murombo
Shayamaho Shayamano
Shoniwa Shonhiwa
Zwibiri Zviviri
Mwenezi District—
Chief Chitanga Chitanga
Mwenezi District—
Hambai Hambani
Hlupo Hlupho

Part VII – Roads, squares, buidlings, etc., in urban areas

Old name New name
Bulaway Roads—  
Abercorn Street Jason Moyo Street
Borrow Street Samuel Parirenyatwa Street
Grey Street/Birchenough Road/ Queens Road to Airport Robert Mugabe Way
Jameson Street Herbert Chitepo Street
Johannesburg Road Gwanda Road
Kings Avenue Masotsha Ndlovu Avenue
London Road Josiah Chinamano Road
Mafeking Road Plumtree Road
Rhodes Street George Silundika Street
Salisbury Road Harare Road
Selborne Avenue Leopold Takawira Avenue
Wilson Street Josiah Tongogara Street
Chinhoyi Roads—  
Bluejay Street Munhumutapa Street
Gadzema Road Robert Mugabe Road
Gerrard Drive Robson Manyika Drive
Hunyani Close Mhanyame Close
Independence Way Magamba Way
Leeds Road Leopold Takawira Road
Luton Road Mateu Zvimba road
Rayton Drive Herbert Chitepo Drive
Selous Road Mukwati Road
Sheffield Road Josiah Tongogara Road
Windsor Way Makombe Way
Hastings Building Seven Heroes Building
Gweru Roads—  
Allan Wilson Avenue Leopold Takawira Avenue
Antoniadis Road Jairos Jiri Road
Athlone Drive Simon Mazorodze Drive
Ayr Road Masotsha Ndlovu Road
Boggie Road Robson Manyika Road
Danziger Road George Silundika Road
Devon Road Rekayi Tangwena Road
Elm Street Mashonganyika Street
King Street Kaguvi Street
Livingstone Avenue Robert Mugabe Way
Lock Avenue Jason Moyo Avenue
Queens Street Mbuya Nehanda Street
Rhodes Avenue Josiah Tongogara Avenue
Selous Avenue Herbert Chitepo Avenue
Selukwe Road Shurugwi Road
Somerset Road Josiah Chinamano Road
Umvuma Road Mvuma Road
Van der Molen Avenue 18 April Avenue
Harare Roads—  
Beatrice Road/Watts/Stuart Chandler Way/Beatrice Road/Stuart Changler Way Simon Mazorodze Road
Forbes Avenue Robson Manyika Avenue
From intersection of Stuart Chandler Way/Beatrice Road/Glen High Road to Chitungwiza Chitungwiza Road
Gaul Avenue Bishop Gaul Avenue
Golden Stairs road Second Street Extension
Harare Roads—  
Gordon Avenue George Silundika Avenue
Harare/Beatrice/Masvingo Road Masvingo Road
Harari Road North Harare Road
Harari Road South Mbare Road
Hatfield Road/Prince Edward Dam Road Seke Road
Kings Crescent Julius Nyerere Crescent
Mackenzie Road/Mainway/McNeilage Road Masotsha Ndlovu Way
Nanica Road West/Manica Road/Umtali Road Robert Mugabe Road
Mazoe Road Mazowe Road
Mazoe Road Mazowe Street
Moffat Street Leopold Takawira Street
Montagu Avenue Josiah Chinamano Avenue
Ntoko Road Mutoko Road
North Avenue Josiah Tongogara Avenue
Pioneer Street Kaguvi Street
Queensway North/Queensway Road Airport Road
Rhodes Avenue Herbert Chitepo Avenue
Salisbury Drive Harare Drive
Salisbury Street Harare Street
Salisbury Way Harare Way
Sinoia Street Chinhoyi Street
Sir James McDonald Avenue Rekayi Tangwena Avenue
Stanley Avenue Jason Moyo Avenue
Umtali Road Mutare Road
Victoria Street Mbuya Nehanda Street
Widdecombe Road Chiremba Road
Chaplin Building Mashonganyika Building
Coghlan Building Chaminuka Building
Drill Hall Makombe Building
Earl Grey I Building Mukwati Building
Earl Grey II Building Kaguvi Building
Milton Building Munhumutapa Building
Vintcent Building Mapondera Building
Cecil Square Africa Unity Square
Kadoma Roads—  
Brading Street Robson Manyika Street
Cam Road Mashayamombe Road
Campbell Road Kaguvi Road
Caulder Road George Silundika Road
Edward Street Mukwati Steet
Ford Street Jason Moyo Street
Godwin Road Josiah Tongogara Road
Liverpool Street Tembwe Street
Lydia Road Simon Mazorodze Road
Manchester Road Chimoio Road
Masters Avenue Mashonganyika Avenue
Mornington Road Leopold Takawira Road
Newton Street Robert Mugabe Street
Phelps Road Samuel Parirenyatwa Road
Princess Street Mbuya Nehanda Street
Rhodes Street Herbert Chitepo Street
Godwin Building Mashayamombe Building
Kariba Roads—  
Baobab Close Muuyu Close
Duiker Close Mhembwe Close
Eagle Drive Makondo Drive
Elephant Drive Nzou Drive
Kudu Crescent Nhoro Crescent
Kariba Roads—  
Mucharara Crescent Muchirara Crescent
Sugar Loaf Drive Magamba Drive
Yellow Tree Ridge Mushonga Ridge
Zebra Drive Mbizi Drive
Kwekwe Roads—  
Alamein Drive Kaguvi Drive
Allan Wilson Avenue Josiah Tongogara Avenue
Beit Crescent Masotsha Ndlovu Crescent
Bellamy Street Simon Mazorodze Street
Founders Avenue Robert Mugabe Avenue
Greenham Avenue Mbuya Nehanda Avenue
Marionville Avenue Jason Moyo Avenue
Rhodes Highway Leopold Takawira Highway
Stanley Crescent George Silundika Crescent
Starr Jameson Avenue Herbert Chitepo Avenue
Marondera Roads—  
Churchill Crescent Marondera Crescent
Jelliman Avenue Rekayi Tangwena Avenue
Marshall Way Magamba Way
Tunmer Close Shingirayi Close
Masvingo Roads—  
Allan Wilson Street Robert Mugabe Street
Brown Avenue Rekayi Tangwena Avenue
Colquhoun Street Herbert Chitepo Street
Dillion Avenue Leopold Takawira Avenue
Fitzgerald Avenue Josiah Tongogara Avenue
McLeod Avenue George Silundika Avenue
Thompson Avenue Simon Mazorodze Avenue
Unnamed road off Beitbridge Road to main bus terminus Jairos Jiri Road
Welby Avenue Jason Moyo Avenue
Hartley House Benjamin Burombo House
Mutare Roads—  
Aerodrome Road/Victoria Avenue Aerodrome Road
Allan Wilson Road Leopold Takawira Road
Cecil Avenue Independence Avenue
Churchill Road/Milner Avenue Robert Mugabe Avenue
Coghlan Avenue Robson Manyika Avenue
Cowley Place Simon Mazorodze Place
Crawfold Road Josiah Tongogara Road
Devonshire Road Makoni Road
Earl Grey Avenue Gukurahundi Avenue
Eikhoff Avenue Chimoio Avenue
Evans Raod Nyadzonya Road
Guide Avenue Eighth Avenue
Jan Smuts Drive Magamba Drive
Kingsley Fairbridge Street George Silundika Street
Kingsway Chaminuka Way
Kitchener Road Takunda Road
Love Road Batanai Road
Lundi Crescent Runde Crescent
Main Street Herbert Chitepo Street
McIntosh Avenue Tatonga Avenue
Meikle Road Simon Mazorodze Road
Melsetter Road Chimanimani Road
Moffat Avenue/Circular Drive Rekayi Tangwena Drive
Rhodes Drive Jason Moyo Drive
Rudland Avenue Jongwe Avenue
Salisbury Road Harare Road
Mutare Roads—  
Selous Avenue Mutasa Avenue
Turner Street Tembwe Street
Vumba Avenue Bvumba Avenue
Vumba Road Bvumba Road
Robert Fletcher Building Murahwa Building
Philip van Heerden Building Chingaira Makoni Building

Part VIII – Institutions and statutory bodies

Old name New name
Queen Victorial Memorial Library Harare City Library
Rhodesian Iron and Steel Commission Zimbabwe Iron and Steel Commission
Sir Godfrey Huggins School of Medicine University of Zimbabwe School of Medicine

Part IX – Defence forces establishments

Old name New name
Air Force of Zimbabwe—
Fylde Air Force Base Field Air Force Base
New Sarum Manyame Air Base
Zimbabwe National Army—
Adams Barracks Headquarters 3 Brigade
Andre Rabie Barracks Inkomo Barracks
Battalion School Barracks Nyanga Barracks
Brady Barracks Headquarters 1 Brigade
Guinea Fowl Barracks Headquarters 6 Brigade
Headquarters 4 Brigade Barracks Headquarters 4 Brigade
King George VI Barracks Defence Forces Headquarters
Llewellin Barracks Imbizo Barracks
Mechanised Battalion Barracks Domboshava barracks
Methuen Barracks Induna Barracks
New Cranborne Barracks 1 Commando Barracks
Old Cranborne Barracks Headquarters 1 Brigade
Shaw Barracks Mbalabala Barracks
8 Amphibious Squadron Barracks Nyaminyami Barracks
12 Infantry Battalion Barracks Hwange Barracks
13 Infantry Battalion Barracks Sizhuwane Barracks
21 Infantry Battalion Barracks Karuyana Barracks
22 Infantry Battalion Barracks Mudzi Barracks
23 Infantry Battalion Barracks Magunje Barracks
31 Infantry Battalion Barracks Dangamvura Barracks
32 Infantry Battalion Barracks Tsanzaguru Barracks
33 Infantry Battalion Barracks Changadzi Barracks
42 Infantry Battalion Barracks Gutu Barracks
61 Infantry Battalion Barracks Zvishavane Barracks
62 Infantry Battalion Barracks Ntabazinduna Barracks
63 Infantry Battalion Barracks Gokwe Barracks

Part X – Administrative districts

Old name New name
Belingwe Mberengwa
Bulalima-Mangwe Bulilimamangwe
Chibi Chivi
Chilimanzi Chirumanzu
Chipinga Chipinge
Gatooma Kadoma
Gwelo Gweru
Hartley Chegutu
Inyanga Nyanga
Lomagundi Makonde
Marandellas Marondera
Mazoe Mazowe
Melsetter Chimanimani
Mrewa Murehwa
Mtoko Mutoko
Nkai Nkayi
Nuanetsi Mwenezi
Que Que Kwekwe
Salisbury Harare
Selukwe Shurugwi
Shabani Zvishavane
Sipolilo Guruve
Umtali Mutare
Urungwe Hurungwe
Victoria Masvingo
Wankie Hwange

Part XI – Communal lands

Old name New name
Centenary (Muzarabani District) Muzarabani
Chibi (Chivi District) Chivi
Chilimanzi (Chirumanzu District) Chirumanzu
Chinyauwhera (Mutare District) Chinyauhera
Godhlwayo (Insiza District) Godlwayo
Inyati (Bubi District) Inyathi
Lower Gwelo (Gweru District) Manyame
Manyeni (Chikomba District) Manyene
Maranke (Mutare District) Marange
Mashaba (Chivi District) Mashava
Mashaba (Shurugwi District) Mashava
Mphoengs (Bulilimamangwe District) Mphoeng
Mtilikwe (Masvingo District) Mutirikwi
Mtoko (Mutoko District) Mutoko
Mzarabani (Mt Darwin District) Muzarabani
Mzinyatini (Umzingwane District) Mzinyathini
Narira (Chikomba District) Nharira
Nkai (Nkayi District) Nkayi
Sabi (Buhera District) Save
Sabi North ( Chikomba District) Save
Seki (Goromonzi District) Seke
Selukwe (Shurugwi District) Shurugwi
Sipolilo (Guruve District) Guruve
Urungwe (Hurungwe District) Hurungwe
Victoria (Masvingo District) Masvingo
Wankie (Hwange District) Hwange

Part XII – Small scale farming areas (formerly purchase land)

Old name New name
Inyati (Bubi District) Inyati
Msengezi (Chegutu District) Musengezi
Dewure (Gutu District) Devure
Godhlawayo (Mberengwa District) Godlwayo

Part XIII – Forest areas

Old name New name
Mzolo (Binga district) Mzola
Bembesi (Bubi District) Mbembesi
Ngungunyane (Chiredzi District) Ngungunyana

Part XIV – Rivers

Old name New name
Biriwiri (In Makonde District) Piriviri
Bubye (In Chiredzi, Gwanda, Mberengwa and Mwenezi Districts) Bubi
Chambauja (In Mutoko District) Shambawadya
Charamba (In Chegutu District) Chiramba
Chechegumba (In Hwange District) Chewumba
Chijemuchena (In Hurungwe District) Chidyemuchena
Chingwanombi (In Gutu District) Chimwan’ombe
Chisuma (In Hwange District) Tshisuma
Dere (In Mazowe District) Dora
Dewure (/n Bikita District) Devure
Dibangombe (In Hwange District) Diban’ombe
Dibudibu (In Hwange District) Dibhudibhu
Golojo (In Mwenezi District) Gulugi
Gopera (In Masvingo District) Gopero
Gwai (In Binga, Bulawayo, Bulilimamangwe, Hwange and Lupane Districts) Gwayl
Gwelo (In Gweru, Kwekwe und Nkayi Districts) Gweru
Gweni (In Mwenezi District) Mutondovari
Hogwi (In Kariba District) Hogwe
Hunyani (In Chegutu and Goromonzi Districts) Manyame
Hunyani (In Guruve and Makonde Districts) Mhanyame
Inkwekwesi (In Bubi District) Ingwegwezi
Inyati (In Hwange District) Nyathi
Kamisave (In Binga District) Kamisowe
Kaoute (In Hurungwe District) Kahuhute
Khami (In Bulawayo and Bulilimamangwe Districts) Kame
Liwando (In Binga District) Lubando
Lundi (In Chiredzi, Mberengwa, Mwenezi, Zaka and Zvishavane Districts) Runde
Luwungwe (In Mwenezi District) Luwunga
Machena (In Bulilimamangwe District) Matshena
Machidse (In Shamva District) Machidze
Machiidza (In Chiredzi District) Machidza
Machilingwe (In Bulilimamangwe Distnct) Matshilingwa
Madziwanga (In Mwenzi District) Madzivanga
Magisamba (In Mwenezi District) Machisamba
Mahomba (In Rushinga District) Mahoromba
Mahovovo (In Mwenezi District) Madzivanga
Mana (In Mwenezi District) Nyavasikana
Manyande (In Binga District) Mandabe
Manzamnyama (In Bulilimamangwe District) Amanzamnyama
Mara (In Chegutu District) Mhara
Masebi (In Zvishavane District) Maseve
Masumo (In Binga District) Masumu
Mazoe (In Bindura, Mt Darwin, Harare, Mazowe, Mudzi, Murehwa, Mutoko Rushinga and Shamva Districts) Mazowe
Mkanga (In Guruve and Hurungwe Districts) Mukanga
Mkosu (In Mutoko District) Mukosi
Mtilikwe (In Chiredzi, Gutu, Masvingo and Zaka Districts) Mutirikwi
Muchenadeta (In Chikomba District) Muchenadota
Mudarose (In Masvingo District) Madarose
Muchi (In Makonde District) Muche
Mulowe (In Mwenzi District) Ngome
Mupingi (In Guruve District) Mupinge
Murova (In Mutare District) Murowa
Musikan (In Zaka District) Musikana
Muziro (In Masvingo District) Muzero
Mwaadza/Wadze (In Gokwe District) Mwadza
Myamuraza (In Chikomba District) Nyamurasa
Nora (In Mwenezi District) Nyura
Nuanetsi (In Chiredzi, Mberengwa and Mwenezi Districts) Mwenezi
Nyadiri (In Mudzi, Murehwa, Mutoko and Rushinga Districts) Nyadire
Nyadukuto (In Hurungwe District) Nyadukutu
Nyadukutu (In Hurungwe District) Nyagukutu
Nyamasikana (In Mwenzi District) Mutondovari
Nyamatandi (In Mutoko District) Nyamatanda
Nyamawanga (In Masvingo and Zaka Districts) Nyamavanga
Nyatshungwe (In Chikomba District) Nyachungwe
Nzengende (In Chikomba District) Nzvengende
Rundi (In Buhera and Chivi Districts) Runde
Rwohomba (In Charter District) Ruomba
Sabi (In Bikita, Buhera, Chikomba, Chimanimani, Chipinge, Chiredzi, Hwedza, Makoni, Marondera, Mutare and Zaka Districts) Save
Sessami (In Gokwe District) Sasame
Sikombetsi (In Mwenezi District) Chikombedzi
Sitokolombizi (In Binga and Lupane Districts) Tshitobolombizi
Sombuuli (In Mwenezi District) Somvuli
Tendewure (In Chikomba District) Tendeure
Tjompani (In Mwenezi District) Chomupani
Tompani (In Chiredzi District) Chomupani
Tshale/Chiwone (In Binga and Hwange Districts) Chiboni
Tsitsingome (In Hwange District) Tsitsin’ome
Tuli (In Gwanda District) Thuli
Tumbgwi (In Chegutu District) Tumbwi
Umfuli (In Chegutu, Harare, Kadoma, Makonde and Marondera Districts) Mupfure
Umniati (In Gokwe, Kadoma and Kwekwe Districts) Munyati
Umniati (In Gokwe District) Sanyati
Wachanga (In Gokwe District) Wechanga
Zvarayi (In Hurungwe District) Zvari

Part XV – Dams

Old name New name
Manicaland Province—  
Lesapi Rusape
Mare Nyangwe
Purdon Saunyami
Rhodes Nyanga
Udu Valley Udu
Manicaland Central Province—
Eben Mupfurudzi
Frogmore Upper Ruya
Mashonaland East Province—
Chimandhu Chimhandu
Chibvi Dip Chibvi
Chipfika Chipfiko
Gulamalaka Chinakwa
Henry Hallam Harava
Hunyani Poort Chivero
Mrewa Murehwa
Prince Edward Seke
Mashonaland East Province—
Chigoma Chingoma
Chimwemwe Muneni
Mashonaland East Province—
Darwendale Manyame
Lower Maynard Weir Chirudzani
Lower Seigneury Weir Angler’s Rest
Mtali Mutora
Poole Dziva
Sikiro Svikiro
Wozhele 1 Hozheri 1
Wozhele 2 Hozheri 2
Masvingo Province—
Bhebe Bhebbe
Esquilingwe Weir Nyajena
Kyle Mutirikwi
Umshandige Musbandike
Matabeleland North Province—
Gwaai Gwai
Khami Khame
Lower Umgusa Lower Mgusa
Lute Luthi
Mufundisi Mfundisi
Tiyabenzi Shangani
Matabeleland South Province—
Blanket Lower Mujeni
Ingwezi Ingwesi
Maleme Lower Maleme
Mamanda Mamande
Matopos Matobo
Mayfair Insiza
Mtsheleli Mutsheleli
Quested Bulilima
Rixon Upper Insiza
Three Sisters Upper Maleme
Tobgwe Tongwe
Umgululu Mgululu
Umhlanga Mhlanga
Umzingwane Mzingwane
Midlands Province—
Duke Duke
Dutchman’s Lower Zivagwe
Kanyongore Kanyongoro
Lower Impali Shurugwi
Palawan Ngezi
Range Chikomba
Shabani Weir Zvishavane Weir

Part XVI – Hills

Old name New name
Bindura District—
Chagonga Changonga
Nyapfundi Nyapfunde
Binga District—
Masutu Masuntu
Nanyanka Neyuka
Chegutu District—
Mchemanema Muchemanhema
Chikomba District—
Chamakunguwa Chamakunguo
Gangarambwe Gangarabwe
Mungurawu Mungurau
Chivi District—
Chengombe Chen’ombe
Guruve District—
Kapsuku Katsvuku
Membgwe Mhembwe
Hurungwe District—
Chafuramapadza Chapfuramapadza
Citiki Chitiki
Kapfundi Kapfunde
Kapsuku Katsvuku
Kashumba Chishumba
Mambgwe Dzikita Mhembwe
Kadoma District—
Nyamasinu Chomusvinu
Kariba District—
Kapfundi Kapfunde
Kawangombe Kawan’ombe
Kwekwe District—
Chinauru Chinehasi
Dombo Dombo Dombotombo
Masvingo District—
Gweni Guweni
Makuho Makoho
Ziwundi Zihundi
Matobo District—
Dungwane Ndungwane
Samantobwe Samatobwe
Simpokwe Simbowe
Sukute Sugute
Umkolbi Mkobi
Mazowe District—
Bari Bare
Mt Darwin District—
Binya Bhinya
Mudzi District—
Beta Nyapfunde
Chinanza Chemhanza
Nyambhara Nyamhara
Mutoko District—
Masunzwa Masunzwe
Nyaheji Nyahezi
Nyakurgwe Nyakurwe
Nyangurwe Nyakurwe
Mwenezi District—
Chihunja Vanguvo
Chihunja Hills Gotora
Chirndi Chirindi
Dondonye Dondonyi
Gonakudzingwa Kopjes Gonakudzingwa
Guruwungwi Guruwungu
Gwavakweguro Zvavakweguru
Nyambambomvu or Red Hills Ntabebomvu
Nyamtongwe Nyamatongwe
Sizire Sizile

Part XVII – Other places

Old name New name
Bubi District—
Mhlambabaloyi (school) Nhlambabaloyi
Bulilimamangwe District—
Hoombi (store) Humbe
Chegutu District—
Chakara (business centre) Chikara
Chakara (school) Chikara
Chamatira (school) Chimatira
Chirichena (school) Shirichena
Gurungwe (school) Gurungwa
Hannan (store) Zvezve
Mawuto (business centre) Mauto
Mondoro (school) Mhondoro
Chegutu District—
Mukuvatsine (school) Makuvatsine
Chikomba District—
Chamkwanzera (school) Chamukwenjera
Chibiga (dip) Chiriga
Mfudziwakatarna (school) Mufudziwakanaka
Mukaruba (school) Mudaruva
Mutove (dip) Matove
Nyaningwe (dip) Zvinyaningwe
Chivi District—
Hippo (pools) Dzivaremvuu
Hurungwe District—
Kapfundi (mission) Kapfunde
Magorora (fly gate) Magororo
Mandembwa (weir) Menoembwa
Zvarayi (school) Zvarai
Hwange District—  
Chibombo (school) Tshimbombo
Chisuma (dip) Tshisuma
Katchetchete (dip) Katshetsheti
Mvutu (sawmill) Mvuthu
Sidobe (dip) Chidobe
Sidobe (school) Tshidobe
Vundhla (store) Vundla
Kadoma District—
Chigaware (jesse bush) Chiguvare
Wozhele (dip) Hozheri
Wozhele (school) Hozheri
Kariba District—
Siakobvu (airstrip) Siyakobvu
Siakobvu (clinic) Siyakobvu
Siakobvu (store) Siyakobvu
Masvingo District—
Gopera (dip) Gopero
Mutoko District—
Makorsa (dip) Katsande
Mwenezi District—
Chigona (ridge) Chikona
Gweni (pan) Guweni
Gweni Pan (gate) Guweni
Lion (pan) Shumba
Lisimi (pan) Lislme
Mabalauta (airstrip) Mabalabuta
Mabalauta (pools) Mabalabuta
Mafukus (pan) Mafuku
Makwi Store Mahwi
Malihandava (pans) Malihanda
Malungwe (pan) Malugwi
Manangani (pools) Maringangani
Marhumbini (camp) Marumbini
Mawegangwenya (pools) Mawodzangwena
Mwatombo (pool) Mutombo
Ndali Gate (gate) Ndali
Nyamasikana (pool) Nyavasikana
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