Masonic Education Fund Incorporation Act


Masonic Education Fund Incorporation Act

Chapter 17:03

  • Commenced on 8 September 1916
  • [This is the version of this document at 31 December 2016 and includes any amendments published up to 31 December 2017.]
  • [Note: This version of the Act was revised and consolidated by the Law Development Commission of Zimbabwe]
AN ACT to incorporate the Masonic Education Fund.
WHEREAS there exists an association of Freemasons and of lodges and chapters of Freemasons, with offices in Bulawayo, called and known as the Rhodesia Masonic Education Fund, formed for the purpose of educating the children of Freemasons;AND WHEREAS it is expedient and desirable to incorporate such association in order the better and more effectually to carry out its objects:BE IT ENACTED:—

1. Short title

This Act may be cited as the Masonic Education Fund Incorporation Act [Chapter 17:03].

2. Incorporation and objects of Masonic Education Fund

The several persons, lodges and chapters of Freemasons who are, or may from time to time become, members of the Masonic Education Fund shall be and are hereby united into one body corporate under the name or title of the Masonic Education Fund, for the purpose of raising funds and the investment thereof for the purpose of the education of the children of Freemasons, including therein their maintenance at school, the founding of bursaries and scholarships, the provision of grants for tuition, directly or indirectly to advance the cause of the education of the children of Freemasons (whether generally, professionally or technically), and for the purpose of expending money in the administration of the fund and the carrying out of the above objects; and the association hereby incorporated shall by the name and title of the Masonic Education Fund have perpetual succession in law, and shall have a common seal, and have its offices in Bulawayo, or at such other place or places in Zimbabwe as the association may decide upon.

3. Investment of funds, and acquisition and sale of property

The said association shall and may, in its corporate name and in terms of its rules and regulations in force from time to time, invest its funds and acquire, take, hold, sell, lease, deliver, transfer or otherwise lawfully dispose of immovable or other property and sue or be sued in any competent court. Any service on the president or secretary shall be deemed good service on the association.

4. Execution of documents

All transfers, leases, powers, contracts or other instruments to be executed by the said association for any of the purposes of this Act, or of the rules and regulations hereinafter mentioned, or of the said association, shall be executed by any two of the following: the president or the vice-president, and the secretary or the treasurer for the time being, and the seal of the association shall be affixed thereto.

5. Power to make rules and regulations

The said corporation hereby created shall have power to make rules and regulations as to the admission of its members, the expulsion of any such member, the manner of and procedure in the election of its officers and committees, the receipt of and the investment and expenditure of its funds, the holding of meetings and as to the general conduct and management of the objects of the association. The rules and regulations, with amendments, shall have full force and effect so soon as agreed to and sanctioned by the Attorney-General.

6. Description for purposes of legal proceedings

In any criminal and legal proceedings it shall be sufficient if any goods, money, asset or thing which is set out in any indictment or other process is described and said to be the property of the Masonic Education Fund, and the association shall be described therein by its corporate name.
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