Frederick Clayton Trust Act


Frederick Clayton Trust Act

Chapter 17:02

  • Commenced on 2 August 1918
  • [This is the version of this document at 31 December 2016 and includes any amendments published up to 31 December 2017.]
  • [Note: This version of the Act was revised and consolidated by the Law Development Commission of Zimbabwe]
AN ACT to give effect to the true intentions and wishes of one Frederick Clayton (deceased) as to the disposal of his estate.
WHEREAS it appears that one Frederick Clayton was a pioneer in the occupation of Southern Rhodesia;AND WHEREAS it further appears that the said Frederick Clayton on the 1st March, 1906, duly executed a will (whereof the terms are set out in Schedule “A”) leaving his whole estate for the purpose of providing an annual picnic for the European children of Salisbury and their parents, and thereafter on the 27th August, 1910, added a duly executed codicil (whereof the terms are set out in Schedule “B”) bequeathing the sum of £5,000 to one Cecil Hatcliff Whittaker, a minor;AND WHEREAS it appears also that the next of kin or successors in intestacy of the said Frederick Clayton, if any, were by the will of the 1st March, 1906, and the codicil of the 27th August, 1910, wholly disinherited by him and excluded from taking any share or interest in his estate or any part thereof, and whereas it also appears that the will of the 1st March, 1906, and the codicil thereto are the only valid testamentary dispositions of the said Frederick Clayton;AND WHEREAS it appears further that thereafter on the 1st July, 1916, the said Frederick Clayton gave instructions to the notary William Streak Honey to prepare a will which he proposed to execute, under the terms of which the will of the 1st March 1906, and the codicil of the 27th August, 1910, were to be cancelled and revoked, and in lieu of their provisions the life interest in an estate or property known as the Hatcliffe Estate was to be given and left to one Georgiana Clayton, his wife, and on her death the said property was to be devoted and used for the benefit of the pioneers of Rhodesia and their descendants who were in need of help, more especially those who had been disabled in the present war, and further a sum of £5,000 was to be bequeathed to the said Cecil Hatcliff Whittaker on his attaining the age of twenty-five years or upon his marrying, and further the residue of his estate, excluding the two above specific bequests, was to be bequeathed to one Evelyn Mary Sanderson on her attaining the age of twenty-five years, and further that pending the attainment of the said age by each of the above-mentioned minors the revenue and income of the amount and residue specifically bequeathed was to be equally shared by the three above-mentioned persons;AND WHEREAS it also appears that the said Frederick Clayton died on the 2nd July, 1916, leaving the will of 1st March, 1906, and codicil of full force and effect; and that the said will does not give effect to the true intentions of the said Frederick Clayton; and that his true intention is expressed in the instructions given to the said William Streak Honey, to whom it appears that the said Frederick Clayton did hand on the 1st July, 1916, when the said instructions were given, two sheets of paper on which the said Frederick Clayton had in his own handwriting recorded his last wishes and had written at the head of the front page of the first sheet “Will F Clayton” and had at the end of the first page of the second sheet affixed his signature “F Clayton”, whereof it appears that the Schedule “C” is a true copy, and whereas it appears also that the true intentions and last wishes of the said Frederick Clayton were thereby expressed in substance by him in his own handwriting and that it is desirable to give effect to them in terms of this Act;AND WHEREAS it further appears that it is desirable to give effect to the true intentions of the said Frederick Clayton, whilst protecting the rights of the beneficiaries under any other will, if any, that may after the 2nd August, 1918, be discovered and proved to be his last will and testament, or if owing to the invalidity of the will of the 1st March, 1906, or otherwise there are intestate heirs, then to protect such intestate heirs, and there are no means of so doing save by legislation;AND WHEREAS it further appears that the said Frederick Clayton desired that Ernest Edward Homan and Georgiana Clayton should be executors of his will; and whereas Frederick Charles Blakeway and the said Ernest Edward Homan are executors testamentary under the will which has been proved:BE IT ENACTED:—

1. Short title

This Act may be cited as the Frederick Clayton Trust Act [Chapter 17:02].

2. Definition of “pioneers

In this Act—pioneers” means—(a)the pioneer and police forces organized to occupy and settle Mashonaland in 1890 commonly known as the 1890 Column that consisted of—(i)the Pioneer Corps commanded by Major Frank Johnson, the names of nearly all if not all of the members whereof are set out in Schedule “D”; and(ii)the British South Africa Police commanded by Colonel E. G. Pennefather, the names of nearly all if not all of the members whereof are set out in Schedule “E”;and(b)the military forces of the British South Africa Company commonly known as the 1893 Columns which in 1893 overthrew the Matabele and took part in the occupation of Matabeleland, the names of nearly all if not all of the members whereof are set out in Schedule “F”:Provided that any European persons, if any, who were members of any one or more of the said Columns but whose names do not appear in any one of the said Schedules “D”, “E” and “F” shall nevertheless for the purposes of this Act be considered pioneers.

3. Vesting of estate

All the estate and effects of Frederick Clayton (deceased), whether the same consists of movable or immovable property of whatever nature and wherever situate, and whether the same is in possession, remainder or expectancy, are hereby vested in Georgiana Clayton, Ernest Edward Homan and Frederick Charles Blakeway, who shall be executors of the said estate and trustees and administrators of the same, and shall, subject to this Act, administer the same as if the will whereof Schedule “C” is a copy had been duly executed by the said Frederick Clayton.

4. Powers of trustees

The above-mentioned persons shall have all the powers and be cast in all the duties of executors testamentary, and are hereby so appointed without further act. The said persons are hereinafter called the trustees.

5. Filling of vacancies

If any vacancy occurs in the office of trustee through the death, resignation or removal for just cause of any trustee, the President shall nominate and appoint some person to be trustee, and shall have the like power of filling vacancies in the office of trustee so long as the trust prevails.

6. Quorum

(1)The trustees shall have full power, subject to this Act, to realize, invest or dispose of any of the assets of the said estate, and in case of any difference of opinion between the trustees on any question concerning any such realization, disposal or investment or the administration of the estate vested in them, the decision of any two of the trustees concurring in such decision shall prevail and be acted upon.
(2)The authority of any two of the trustees shall be sufficient to pass transfer of any landed property.

7. Life interest

The said Georgiana Clayton shall, subject to the provisions of section thirteen, have the full use and benefit during the term of her natural life of the landed property known as the Hatcliffe Estate, consisting of—
(a)a certain piece of land in extent, 1,656 morgen and 281 square roods, being farm Hatcliffe, a portion of Borrowdale Estate, section 2, situate in the district of Mazoe, more fully described in the deed of transfer thereof, with diagram annexed, made in favour of Frederick Clayton on the 8th March, 1912;
(b)a certain piece of land in extent 5 morgen and 3 square roods, being Hatcliffe Extension, a subdivision of that portion of Borrowdale Estate, section No. 3, transferred to Rhodesia Lands Limited, on the 26th June, 1903, situate in the district of Mazoe, more fully described in the deed of transfer thereof, with diagram annexed, made in favour of Frederick Clayton on the 8th March, 1912;
(c)a certain piece of land situate in the district of Salisbury in extent 1,629 morgen and 85 square roods, more fully described in the diagram thereof, attached to the transfer thereof, made in favour of Frederick Clayton on the 17th December, 1914, being Hatcliffe South Extension, and comprising (1) a portion of section 2 of Borrowdale Estate in extent 191 morgen and 365 square roods, shown as figure A on the said diagram, and (2) a portion of section 3 of Borrowdale Estate in extent 1,437 morgen and 320 square roods, shown as figure B on the said diagram;
(d)a certain piece of land in extent 23 morgen and 472 square roods, situate in the district of Salisbury, being Hatcliffe Extension No. 2, a portion of that portion of section 3, Borrowdale Estate, transferred to Rhodesia Lands Limited, on the 26th June, 1903—bought and paid for, but not transferred yet to the estate of Frederick Clayton;
with all buildings, fences and works thereon, and all livestock and implements at present upon and appertaining to the proper working and conduct of the said property:Provided that she shall from the progeny of any livestock upon the property replace in value any animals which may die of ordinary natural causes or from accident, save that should such stock die from or be destroyed on account of any general cattle plague or pestilence she shall not be obliged to replace such. Any progeny of the stock remaining after such replacing shall be at the sole disposal of the said Georgiana Clayton.

8. Legacy

From the other assets of the said estate the trustees shall pay to Cecil Hatcliff Whittaker, minor, a godson of the said Frederick Clayton, the sum of £5,000 on the said Cecil Hatcliff Whittaker attaining the age of twenty-five years or upon his marrying, whichever event sooner occurs.

9. Devolving of residue

The residue of the said estate other than the said Hatcliffe Estate and the said sum of £5,000 shall devolve upon and be paid to Evelyn Mary Sanderson on her attaining the age of twenty-five years.

10. Realizing of assets. Income

The assets of the said estate other than the Hatcliffe Estate shall be realized at the discretion of the trustees, and the proceeds invested by the trustees on good and sufficient security. The income derived from the sum of £5.000 of such assets when realized shall be paid to the said Cecil Hatcliff Whittaker until he attains the age of twenty-five years or marries, and the income derived from the remainder of the said assets, exclusive of the Hatcliffe assets and the said sum of £5,000, shall be paid in equal shares to the said Georgiana Clayton and the said Evelyn Mary Sanderson until the said Evelyn Mary Sanderson attains the age of twenty-five years:Provided that—
(i)if such last said income exceeds in any year or years double the income which is payable to the said Cecil Hatcliff Whittaker on the sum of £5,000 as aforesaid, then in each year of such excess until the said Cecil Hatcliff Whittaker attains the age of twenty-five years or marries there shall be paid to him one-third of such excess, so as to make the income payable to him under this section not less than that payable thereunder to Georgiana Clayton or to Evelyn Mary Sanderson;
(ii)during the minority of the said Cecil Hatcliff Whittaker and the said Evelyn Mary Sanderson the income devolving upon each of them shall be paid to the respective guardian or guardians of each, to be used for his or her benefit.

11. Vesting of legacies

The amounts to which the said Cecil Hatcliff Whittaker and the said Evelyn Mary Sanderson respectively are hereby declared to be entitled shall, subject to the above set out provisions, vest in them on the 2nd August, 1918, and upon his or her death, prior to attaining the said age of twenty-five years or in the case of the said Cecil Hatcliff Whittaker without being married, the amount respectively due to each of them shall devolve upon the heirs of each, unless disposed of by valid will.

12. Interest of pioneers

Upon the death of the said Georgiana Clayton the whole of the property known as the Hatcliffe Estate and already described, with all buildings, livestock, fences, works and implements thereon, shall remain vested in the trustees, who may retain the same entire or dispose of it and its aforesaid appurtenances at their discretion, and invest the proceeds thereof on good and sufficient security. The income derived from the said Hatcliffe Estate or from the investment of the proceeds thereof shall, subject to section thirteen, be used and devoted by the trustees for the assistance of such pioneers and their descendants as may be in need of help:Provided that those pioneers who may have been disabled in the war which began between Great Britain and Germany on the 4th August, 1914, and the descendants of such pioneers shall have priority in claim over other pioneers and their descendants.

13. “Pioneers Day” or “Commonwealth Day” annual picnic

The trustees shall once in every year, and preferably either on the day known as “Pioneers Day” or on the day known as “Commonwealth Day”, if so required by the City Council of Salisbury, place at the disposal of the Mayor of Salisbury for the time being a sum of money not exceeding one hundred pounds (£100) either for the purposes of carrying out a picnic for the European children and their parents who happen to be in Salisbury on the said “Pioneers Day”, or for the purpose of providing some means of enjoyment to European children and their friends who happen to be in Salisbury on “Commonwealth Day”. The said sum shall be a first charge on the income of the Hatcliffe Estate.

14. Appointment of officers. Commission and expenses

The trustees may appoint a secretary or other officers necessary for the due administration of the estate vested in them, and may pay such secretary or other officer reasonable remuneration for his services from the income derived from the estate, and further shall be entitled to commission on the basis usually allowed to executors, and shall be allowed such reasonable amounts as shall reimburse them for expenses for attendances at meetings of the trustees and also for actual expenses incurred in the administration of that portion of the estate which remains after the payment of the legacies and the death of the said Georgiana Clayton. All expenses and amounts paid shall be certified under the hand of the Master of the High Court as fair and reasonable, and shall only be paid in such amounts as are so certified.

15. Remedy of dissatisfied parties

If, in the opinion of any pioneer or descendant of any pioneer or other interested person, the estate is not being administered according to the true intents and purposes of this Act, he may make application to the Master of the High Court to compel the due administration, and upon such application being made, the said Master shall have power to cite the trustees by motion or otherwise and bring them before the High Court, which may grant such order as in the premises seems meet.

16. Power of trustees

(1)The trustees shall be a body corporate with power to sue, liability to be sued and power to defend actions brought against them.
(2)The authority of any two of them shall be sufficient to bring or defend any action at law.

17. Claims of persons to estate not prejudiced

Nothing in this Act contained shall be taken to prejudice or affect the legal claim (if any) of any person to the estate of the said Frederick Clayton or any part thereof or any interest therein which he may have otherwise than under the will of the 1st March, 1906, and the codicil of the 27th August, 1910, and such claim (if any) may be heard and adjudicated upon by any competent court:Provided in respect thereto that the trustees appointed hereunder or their agents shall not be personally liable for any act, matter or thing done by them under the provisions hereof.

Schedule “A” (Preamble)

Last will and testament of Fredrick Clayton

I, Frederick Clayton, of Salisbury, in the Territory of Southern Rhodesia, being in health of body and of sound and disposing mind, memory and understanding and capable of doing any act requiring thought judgment or reflection do hereby declare my intention to make and execute this my last will and testament.I hereby revoke cancel and make void to all intents and purposes all wills codicils and other testamentary acts by me heretofore made and executed desiring that the same shall be of no force virtue or effect whatsoever.I hereby declare to give demise and bequeath all my estate and effects in Southern Rhodesia both real and personal, and of what nature or kind, and whether the same be in possession, reversion, remainder or expectancy, unto the Executor or Executors afternamed, upon the special trust and confidence and for the uses intents and purposes aftermentioned, that is to say that he or they the said Executor and Administrator or Executors and Administrators, do and shall, as soon as convenient after my death, sell and dispose thereof, and call in and receive all such debts, sum or sums of money as shall be due and owing to me, at the time of my death, and place the money arising by such sale or disposal, and the moneys to be so called in and received, out at interest on landed or other good and sufficient security in such manner as he or they shall think proper, and also in trust that he or they do and shall receive the interest thereof from time to time as the same shall become payable and use and apply the same or so much thereof as he or they shall think proper or necessary in giving and providing annually on the 12th September (Occupation Day of Mashonaland) a free picnic to all the European children and their parents who happen to be in Salisbury on the said 12th September.I do hereby constitute nominate and appoint Ernest Edward Homan and Frederick Charles Blakeway, to be the joint Executors of this my will and testament and Administrators of my estate and effects in Southern Rhodesia, and on the death of one of them, then the survivor to continue solely to be my said Executor and Administrator.On the death of both the said Ernest Edward Homan and Frederick Charles Blakeway, I nominate and appoint the Mayor of Salisbury for the time being, to thereafter be the executor of this my last will and administrator of my estate and effects in Southern Rhodesia; hereby giving and granting unto them, my said Executor or Executors and Administrator or Administrators, jointly and severally, all such power and authority as are required in law.I direct that the Executor or Executors of this my last will shall not be required to lodge with the Master of the High Court of Southern Rhodesia an inventory of my estate and effects.Lastly I declare to reserve to myself the power from time to time and at all times hereafter to make all such alterations in or additions to this will as I shall think fit, either by a separate deed, or at the foot hereof, desiring that all such alterations or additions so made under my own signature shall be held as valid and effectual as if they had been inserted herein.All which aforesaid being fully understood by me I declare that it contains my last will and testament desiring that it may have effect as such or as a codicil or otherwise as may be found best to consist with law.Thus done and passed at Salisbury aforesaid on this the First day of March in the year of Our Lord one thousand nine hundred and six in the presence of the subscribing witnesses.F. Clayton.As Witnesses:
1.J. O. Gibson.
2.W. R. Blanckenberg.
Signed at the place and on the date aforesaid by Frederick Clayton as and for his last will and testament in the presence of us who in his presence and in the presence of each other all being present at the same time have hereto set our hands as attesting witnesses:J. O. Gibson of Salisbury.W. R. Blanckenberg of Salisbury.

Schedule “B” (Preamble)


I, Frederick Clayton, the Testator mentioned in my will of the 1st March, 1906, do hereby direct the executors or executor of my said Will to pay from my estate and effects in Southern Rhodesia to my godson, Cecil Hatcliff Whittaker, minor son of Frederick Robert Whittaker, of the Grand Hotel, Harrowgate, England, the sum of Five Thousand Pounds sterling (£5,000 stg.) as a legacy on his attainin g the age of twenty-five years or marrying, and such legacy until such payment is made to my said godson shall be invested on such security as my executor or executors shall in their absolute discretion think fit and the interest thereof shall either be paid to my said godson for his use or to his guardian for his maintenance and education or partly to one and partly to the other as my executors or executor shall deem wise and such legacy shall be a first charge on my estate and effects in Southern Rhodesia and as to the residue of my Estate and effects in Southern Rhodesia I confirm my said Will.Dated at Salisbury this 27th August, 1910.F. Clayton.As Witnesses:
1.W. S. Honey.
2.F. W. Robertson.

Schedule “C” (Preamble and Section 3)

Will F Clayton

£5,000 to my Godson Cecil Hatcliff Whittaker to come out of the following properties, viz.
Stands 5 in block in Stanley Avenue....................................................................................................................................... 7,500
,,Baker Avenue & First Street................................................................................................................................................... 2,000
,,Cape Avenue and Second St.................................................................................................................................................. 400
Four cottages @ £500 each........................................................................................................................................................ 2,000
Half Weardale Farm.................................................................................................................................................................. 2,000
Stands in Gatooma and Umtali to be sold discretion of Executors, the above to be sold at the above prices as opportunity arises but not to be sold by auction.
Mortgages £
Malvern farm................................................................................................................................................................... 2,500
Rink Stands...................................................................................................................................................................... 2,000
Biller................................................................................................................................................................................. 800
Furnell.............................................................................................................................................................................. 850
Hughes............................................................................................................................................................................. 650
Le Roux............................................................................................................................................................................ 200
Nangle cattle.................................................................................................................................................................... 300
The balance with all other properties monies, etc., to go to my step-daughter Mary Evelyn Sanderson with the exception of the Hatcliffe Estate. (2)The money or properties to be given to the aforesaid Cecil Hatcliff Whittaker at the age of twenty-five and Mary Evelyn Sanderson at twenty-five.The income of said properties to be divided equally to my Wife, Cecil Hatcliff Whittaker and Mary Evelyn Sanderson.The Hatcliffe Estate (estimated value £30,000) with all livestock implements & c. I leave to my wife Georgina Clayton for her full use and benefit during her life time, but not to be let or the live stock to be allowed to be less than it is at present the mortgage if any remaining to be paid out of my monies in hand. At the death of My Wife the Hatcliffe Estate to be held in perpetuity for the use of Pioneers and descendants of pioneers (especially those descendants of pioneers who have been disabled during this present war) whom are in need of help.E. E. Homan and My Wife to be Executors.F. Clayton.

Schedule “D” (Section 2)

Pioneer corps

Adcock,Roger Alexander,Thomas Barter,John Augustine Biscoe,Edwards Carly Tyndale
William FrancisCaleb George Borrius,John Phillip
Aggett, Argall,Martin Beal,Robert Borrow,Henry John
WilliamJames Barry,John William Bent,Eustace Henry Bowen,George John
Armstrong, Baker,Walter Berrington,Evelyn D. Bowden,Montague Parker
OwenRichard HeadlandValentine Bird,Arthur Hatfield Bradley,Benjamin
Arnott, Banks,Henry Sumner Bradley,Charles Kissock
Sydney Blakeway Birkley,William Brand,Thomas Frederick
Nathaniel   Henry Brett,James
Brown,Henry Drabble,William Holmes,Alfred Nesbitt,Frederick
Phillip Drysdale,John Patrick Thomas Nesbitt,Richard Henry
Brown, Drennan,George Hoste,William Neumeyer,Leo
William Woodhouse Derrick Nicholson,Richard Granville
Harvey Dixon,William Hosking,William Nowers,David
Burnett,Albert Dykes,Dawson Leigh Henry Oconnell,John
Edward Ballantine Hoste,Henry F. Ogilvie,Ogilvie Hollings
Burnett, Durrell,Walter D. Human,Christian O'Meara,Bulkey Ernest Adolphus
RobertGeorge Dennison,Alexander Hunter,Frederick Orr,Clair A.
Butcher, George Thomas O'Toole,Edmond
WilliamHenry Erasmus,Abel Inskipp,Percy Sidney Palmer,John Walter
Camp,Charles Edmonds,John Arnold Jay,Henry Brownrigg Pattisson,Arthur Joseph Todd
Robert Ehlert,Frederick Jameson,Robert Pengelly,Henry Augustus
Campbell, Eliot,Algernon Johnson,Frank Pocock,Edwin Innes
Alexander Elliott,George WilliamFrederick Pusey,George Henry
Duncombe Frederick Judd,William Puzey,Arthur
Campbell, Edgell,Edward King,William Fleming Roach,John James
JamesAdair Ramsay Krohn,Archibald Rowland,John Robert
Campbell, Everitt,Fritz Frederick Rudland,Thomas William
Patrick Eyre,Arthur Kronstein,Leonard Scallan,James
Urquhart Ferguson,Francis Lange,Christian Schermbrucker,Frederick
Chase,Arthur William Langerman,Frederick Selley,William John
Henry Finucane,Edward F. Larson,Oscar Selous,Frederick Courtney
Chiappini, E. Law,Horace Seward,George Ernest
Lorenzo Fletcher,Francis Lea,Arthur Shepperd,John H.
Christison, Charles Lichfield,James Shepperson,Frank
ThomasJames Francis,J. L. William Slater,Edward
Christopherso Frazer,Alexander Logan,George Alfred Solomon,Hymen Alfred
n,George Simon Lovemore,Charles Somerville,James
Ernest Frost,Reginald Benjamin Spreckley,John Anthony
Clay, Featherstonehaugh, Lovemore,Henry C. Stanford,Arthur French
Wentworth HenryWestcott Lust,John Stevenson,Francis Lincoln
Norris Fry,Thomas Ellerton Mackay,William Steward,Augustine
Clinton, Fry,Ivon McLachlan,Alexander Stier,William Keppel
WilliamJames Farrell,Edward McLelland,Robert Suckling,Edward Horace
Colquhoun, O'Connell Hamilton Surridge,Rev. Frank
Frederick Fry,W. Ellerton MacRobert,John Tabuteau,Augustus J.
Crossbey Gaylard,George Rufus Murie Taylor,Rowland
Corderoy, Gie,Michael C. Mahon,John Dennis Tregenza,Edward G.
JohnWilliam Graham,Alexander Masters,Charles Trenaman,Charles Robert
Cornwell, Miller Mandy,Frank Tulloch,Alexander
William Griffith,Llewellyn Mandy,George Upington,John
Lundie Griffith,Hugh Fenier StephenThomas VanEyk, Cornelius John
Coryndon, Grimmer,John R. Minshell,Thomas Venables,John William Ella
RobertThorne Hall,George Moberley,Walter Vialls,Charles Clement
Cowie, Halkett,Alexander FrederickGeorge Vintcent,Louis Anthony
William Colin Montagu,Henry Walker,John
Warden Hamilton,Harry Rice SoutheyMaclean Walker,Richard
Crawford, Hartman,Rev. Father Moore,John Frederick Wallace,James
JohnSidney Harty,Joshua Goddard William Warren,Albert Herbert
Cripps,Lionel Harvey,John Thomas Morris,Herbert John Warren,Robert Joshua
Darling,John Hay,John Henry Mosenthal,Charles F. Watney,Peter Henry
Ffolliott Heany,Maurice Murch,Robert Wheaton,James
Dater,Albert Hepworth,J. C. Nesbitt,Alexander Whitmore,Edmund Herbert
Downing, Hill,William George Thornhill Wimble,Bentley
GeorgeDavid Histon,George Nesbitt,Charles Warren Wyatt,Henry Frederick James

Schedule “E” (Section 2)

British South Africa Police

Pennefather E. G. Newbolt, K. Ziegenbein, C. Keane, R. K. C
Willoughby, John Kennedy, H. Hannay, W. G. Green, A.
Heyman, H. M. Vaisey, W. Forbes, P. W. Mills, W. T.
Molyneux, W. Bailey, D. Slade, C. W. P. Voigt, F.
Capper, O. Carter, J. Mundell, M. Baxter, T.
Graham, M. D. Levitt, S. Bodle, W. Bolle, A.
Fiennes, F. W. Hurley, J. Hillier, J. H. Barrington, W.
Dunne, E. Dorning, H. B. Morkel, R. A. Brown, T.
Rand, R. F. Allan, J. Lyons, Montgomery, Blundell, A.
Goody, E. Auret, W. R. A. Carney, —
Stanley, G. Aylen, J. Bray, R. Curtois, F.
Harris, T. Brand, C. FitzGerald, E. W. Cochrane, H.
Brown, H. Barber, G. Vickers, J. D. Carter, A.
Paxton, T. Britton, J. Adcock, R. W. Clayton, F.
Hickey, R. Birney, J. Bell, B. Creighton, C.
Seymour, S. Brown, W. Dupreez, D. P. Dyas, W.
McMullin, J. Block, W. Davis, W. Doveton, W.
Enright, T. Saville, H. Herbert, E. Withers, G. B.
Frazer, W. Savage, W. Heberden, R. C. Harper, H. A.
Forrest, W. Slater, C. Hickey, F. L. Blundell, A.
Friend, G. St. Ledger, J. Hudson, H. J. Henry, M.
Finch, G. Tilney, J. James, H. Ross, W.
Foote, J. Viney, J. Jennings, M. J. Cooke, E. W.
Farmanner, H. Willemite, W. Jessiman, J. J. Madden, W. J.
Graham, H. White, T. Lewis, J. Abbot, W. A.
Gray, J. Trevor, J. Long, E. Abrams, E.
Grojohn, F. Turner, D. M. Man ning, G. A. Vander Byl, C. L.
Green, W. Thackerzy, E. Moore, J. Muirhead, A.
Grey, G. Veale, A. McGowan, J. J. Elin, H. D.
Glass, G. Vicary, J. McGillvray, J. Thompson, J. T.
Glover, C. Warner, J. McAdams, J. Easton, T. J.
Hallberg, H. Webber, B. J. McPartland, J. Martin, C. B.
Hughes, E. Williams, W. Mason, W. S. Tournaillon, E. H.
Jones, J. Williams, H. Moffat, F. Robinson, W. H.
Joliffe, W. White, F. J. Murphy, G. L. Abercrombie, J.
King, B. Wignall, T. J. Nettleton, G. Allan, J. R.
Kopping, A. Keith-Falconer, C. Knox, P. Barber, R.
Koester, H. Brackenbury, H. V. Krige, J. Bennett, H. J.
Durell, W. D. Chaplin, E. Le Cordeur, M. Black, A.
Else, W. Stewart, J. C. MacLaurin, A. J. Bigg, J. W.
Enright, G. D. Nesbitt, R. C. Manthey, J. Brabant, J. S.
Ehlert, F. Hobson, C. R. Martell, H. Burton, H. H.
Eliot, A. E. A. Bowles, H. Morgan, W. Casper, G. O.
Fermaner, G. W. Williams, H. G. Mitchell, J. B. Clark, D.
Fildes, R. J. Quorn, J. C. McRobert, J. M. Clark, J.
Fisher, D. Robertson, H. Nesbitt, H. W. Collins, G.
Flanagan, J. Suarton, C. O'Meara, B. E. A. Conway, J. M.
Fraser, J. Bottomley, D. P. Payne, F. D. A. Cozens, A.
Featherstonehaugh, H. Scott, Fife Proctor, R. Day, J.
W. Smith, R. A. L. Purdon, F. A. Duncan, R. W.
Grimmer, J. Morkel, C. F. Purser, E. A. Duncan, J. L.
Harding, R. Kay, R. Rathfelder, F. Durden, C.
Heller, H. Jackson, H. J. Roland, A. C. Dyer, H. L.
Holmes, C. B. Abbor, J. J. Sanderson, R. H. Eksteen, J. W.
Jessop, E. Adams, T. Scott, H. N. Fife Ebbage, W. R. L.
Kannemeyer, F. Arnold, A. Simpson, W. B. Forrestall, P.
Kennedy, J. Bartlett, S. Sinclair, A. L. Fredman, W.
Kerr, M. J. Blyth, W. J. Steir, W. K. Gain, G.
Knaiser, H. Burstall, F. Steward, G. E. Gates, L.
Kelley, P. Buchanan, J. Stedlar, C. Gibbon, G. W.
Krause, C. Burns, J. Trevor, R. Gill, T. G.
Laing, R. Campbell, P. Singleton, S. Grant, R. W. E.
Louw, J. Christison, T. J. Scott, J. Godwin, A.
McMullin, S. Clark, W. H. Sinclair, R. D. Gothe, N.
Mulligan, J. Cox, F. Smythe, J. E. Hay-Hill, J. T.
Mitchell, J. Culverhouse, J. Torbett, F. Head, E.
Marcus, S. Cornwall, W. L. Tuck, H. Heineman, J. A.
McLachlan, C. Coryndon, R. T. Turnbull, G. F. Hills, G. H.
Mathews, T. Davis, H. Thorn, C. J. Horwood, W. R.
Newitt, H. Donohoe, A. Tiquin, M. Hughes, A.
Nicholls, J. Douglas, H. Vennell, H. R. Huntley, D. H.
Orpen, C. Elliot, H. C. D. Vander Byl, G. Hutchinson, F.
Osborne, G. Fielding, H. C. Walsh, — Ingram, W. C.
O'Hara, B. Fichardt, E. Westphall, J. Kemp, S.
Phillips, A. Feather, J. Wiseman, R. R. Landy, J.
Palmer, J. Fowles, C. White, C. Lees, J. H.
Phillips, J. Gibb, H. C. Turner, E. C. C. MacPherson, C.
Redmond, H. Glover, J. Codrington, R. P. J. McLeod, W. J.
Richards, H. Griffiths H. G. Hicks-Beach, W. McLuckie, O.
Reid, J. Glasson G. H. Cunningham, W. Moll, R.
Reynolds, W. Hannen, B. J. Coope, J. C. J. Murney, F.
Sissing, C. Harrhy, E. W. Warren, F. J. Orpen F.
Symons, F. Hobson, C. Judge, C. E. Parnell, J. O.
Stewart, J. Hughes, J. S. Vincent, W. Pease, D.
Sharpe, C. Hall, F. Mundy, R. Nesbitt, C. S.
Newman, P. J. De Smidt, W. Fitzsimons, J. Moore, H.
Newton, J. Fletcher, R. Y. Goldsbury, J. L. Morony, H.
Patterson, R. Short, H. Grant, G. Murphy, J. J.
Player, G. J. Farmery, E. A. Hardy, T. Nixon, H.
Priestly, F. Devine, C. H. Hackwell, H. Nolan, C.
Ross, A. Fitzgerald, F. Hendrick, J. O'Shaughnessy, J.
Ross, G. P. McGuinness, C. A. Hulbert, H. O'Maker, R.
Rodriquez, — James, G. Hudson, D. Parker, A. R.
Robertson, A. E. Butler, H. Hunter, J. Promnitz F.
Rieland, C. Finucane, — Hyland, J. P. Robinson, G. M. H.
Russell, A. C. Bertrim, C. F. Jenkins, A. Rowley, A.
Spring, H. L. Butler, C. A. Johnson, W. Rautenbach, S.
Stewart, J. T. Almond, J. James, H. Ross, Wm.
Strutt, S. Barlow, G. F. James, W. H. Rall, J.
Swemmer, A. L. Barnes, T. W. F. Kielstroom, A. W. Seymour, G.
Taylor, J. B. Behn, O. Knight, W. B. Stewart, T.
Taylor, W. Bradburn, C. Konig, F. W. Schultz, H.
Taylor, F. L. Brown, H. Knight, H. T. Stanzlass, G.
Thomas, L. Butt, C. Lynch, W. P. Smee, J.
Timewell, W. J. Chalmers, J. Lloyd, W. R. Sullivan, T.
Vizard, G. F. Clowes, R. C. W. Lloyd, E. G. Snyman, J.
Valle, B. W. Dawes, H. V. Malherbe, W. Thorsen, M.
Wolhuter, G. H. De Villiers, J. J. Morley, W. Thomas, W. H.
Weale, W. Duncan, R. F. McAdam, J. C. Van Heerden, H.
Werrett, J. M. Dunn, W. Polnes, T. Van Wyk, N. L.
Whittle, C. W. Bredenkemp, H. Powrie, F. Wilson, C.
Williams, C. W. Bryne, J. Rayner, H. White, S.
Wilde-Brown, W. R. Burke, C. F. Roach, H. Whitehead, A. R.
Williams, J. Bridger, D. Rowe, W. J. White, W.
Wheatley, E. M. Bridger, J. D. Sampson, J. Whitehead, C. L.
Young, A. L. Brannan, F. Seale, E. Wright, F.
Leonard, A. G. Barber, P. Smallberger, C. Westbrook, T. P.
Bruce, F. W. Chamberlaine, C. Selby, P. H. Wold, J.
Grey, A. E. Cooke, W. Snowball, A. Young, E.
Hole, W. Cooke, J. Smith, R. C. Young, R. A.
Chinery, L. A. Dillon, D. C. Smith, R. F. Atkinson, W. G.
Kirkham, G. Egan, A. Smithyman, T. N.  
Dillon, C. H. C. Elske, C. McLaglan, R.  
Gordon, J. H. Fitzjohn, A. E. Moriarty, A.  

Schedule “F” (Section 2)

1893 Columns

Abbott, Ansell, Cecil Bath, William Birkley, William Henry
William Arnold, James Carlisle Batley, Ralph Cecil Birney, J. B.
Abercrombie, Arnold, M. H. Beahan, Johr Bischoff, Louis
James Ashley, William Beal, Robert Biscoe, Edward Carey T
Acutt, Charles Attwell, James Beesler, Adrian Bissett, William
Mortimer Mortimer Behrman, J. Black, Abraham
Acutt, Aubert, Alfred Dalton Bell, Andrew Black, Richard
Frederick Austin, Henry Bell, Peter Blerk, H. Van
Cotton Bagley, John Charles Benhorst, Ernest Blewitt, Joseph
Adams, Henry Bain, Robert Benton, George Blom, Henry
Adams, Baker, John Edmund Bodle, Charles
William Bale, John Berggrist, Robert Bodle, William
Havering Bamping, Walter John Bernstein, Harry Bolder, James
Allen, C. J. Barber, Percy Bertlesen, F. Bolton, H. William
Allen, Edward Barclay, Thomas Bertlesen, L. Bone, William
Alexander, E. Barnard, M. W. Bester, Theunis J. Borman, Carl
W. Barnes, Arthur Bertie Bevan, E. H. Borrow, Henry John
Allison, Black Bews, Charles Botha, A. H. S.
William H. Barnes, Augustus Alexander Botha, John E.
Alrnan, John William Black Bezuidenhout, H. Bottomley, D. P.
Amory, Barr, William Henry Bezuidenhout, Jacobus Bowden, Frank Lake
Richard Barry, John Biller, Frank Bowen, James C.
Anderson, Barton, Henry Halse Bird, Robert Henry Bowen, George
Alexander Bastard, Segar William   Box, James
Boyd, P. W. Cardigan, George Clark, A. Estermann, Abraham
Bouchier, Harold Clarke, Frank Eyre, W. Gervas
Richard Carley, C. Cunningham, James S. Fitzgerald, Frederick
Brabant, John Carlsson, Victor Dymott, William Farrell, Edward O'Connell
Somerset Carney, Benjamin Dawson, Frank Jones Fitzgerald, Edward William
Bradburn, Francis Davies, R. Gray Fitz-Gibbon, Thomas Francis
Clifford Carr, John Dawes, H. V. Farquhar, M. G.
Bradbury, Carr, William Dallamore, James Ferreira, Gert
Edwin Carroll, John Mitchell Felix, John James
Bradfield, Carruthers, John Donovan, C. H. W. Fraser, Robert Ross
Edwin Carruthers, Robert Dollar, Duncan Fry, Ivan
Bradshaw, Oliver Daniels, Joseph Forestall, Peter
William Cary, C. W. Dewhurst, Reginald Foster, Richard Hugh
Bremmer, Cary, W. A. Dunn, William Charles Foley, David Francis
Andrew Case, William Herbert Denn, John Adam FitzPatrick, Thomas William
Bridges, Percy Casperenthus, De Meillon, Richard Firmin, Michael, L.
Leonard Theodore James Francis, Lloyd Matthews
Brickley, Chalk, Thomas Arthur De Roos, Albert Farley, Francis Charles
William Collyer, Louis James Desvages, Jean Louis Faurie, Lawrence DeVilliers
Briscoe, J. Cornelius, Charles Jerome Findlay, Alexander
Brissenden, Adam Devine, Frank Fitzimmons, Charles
Louis Campbell, Edmund Dillon, Denis Cronly Fischer, Richard H.
Britton, Vivers Donovan, Timothy Farrell, Ernest
William Henry Clarke, William Drew, Alfred Franks, Alfred
Brock, Edward Thomas Du Toit, Henry Forrest, Albert John
Broome, W. Colquhoun, Frederick Francois Flemming, Samuel A.
R. Crossley Durden, Charles John Flynn, Patrick
Brook, Arthur Conneley, William Dunne, A. G. Francis, Charles
Woodford Thomas Du Plan, Samuel Featherstonhaugh, William
Brown, Harold Coleman, Thomas Markham Forbes, Patrick William
Alexander Comploier, Peter Dempsey, James Finch, Alan G.
Brown, R. W. Cummings, Walter W. Davidson, Oliver Fife-Scott, Henry N.
Brown, Christl, Frank Davis, H. W. Ferguson, Francis William
William Chilton, George Dufty, William Henry Fichat, Sydney Carisle
Browne, Clarke, Charles De Jager, William Farren, J.
George Moncrieffe Dillard, David Flint, E.
Hamilton Classen, Henry De Wet, John William Fletcher, Patrick
Browne, Percy Clifford, Patrick Dunn, Albert G. Forbes, Eustace Macleod
Howe Joseph Dor, John Forbes, W.
Bruce, Clarke, William Drysdale, John Foote, Joseph
Alexander Herbert Donnelly, Daniel Fraser, J.
Bruce, Oswald Collier, William Drysen, John Fraser, John Alexander
Robert Cohen, Lionel Dowe, Alexander Fraser, John
Bryant, Ernest Corbett, Henry Du Plessis, Gert Garlick, Burleigh Richard
Buchanan, Crooks, Charles Duncan, Duncan Giere, William Parker
John Compton, Sydney Graham Gibbon, George William
Buck, Curtis, E. Drysdale, John Giles, Albert Edward
Rowland Cumming, Arthur Doveton, William F. Gladhill, John
Buike, Raymond Davis, Gordon Gorman, James
Frederick Cumming, Henry R. Dykes, Lawson Leigh Gough, William
Bunce, Julius Christison, Thomas Ballantyne Greer, Stuart George
Augustus James Davidson, James Grant, Sylvester
Bundy, Chappe, Paul Lafitte Davis, William Gray, Henry
Thomas Coryndon, Robert T. Davis, Stutman Gracey, Robert
Bunn, Thomas Crewe, Frederic Desterwig, A. Grant, James McGregor
Burgher, Harding Dewis, Lewis Gray, William Fleming
Alfred Cohen, Jacob De Vos, Philip Wouter Gruyges, Jan
Burmester, Crouchley, T. W. Donohoe, John J. Green, Joseph John
Hermann John Campbell, Edward Drake, William Grenfell, Claude George
Burn, William O'Sullivan Barnard Greenfield, Harry Moxon
Burnett, Coghlan, John Drummond, James Gwynne, Philip
Edward Cornelius Dunman, Samuel Graham, William
Burnett, Constable, Harry Percy Evans, Henry Gill, Thomas Watton
George Consilio, Joseph Ebbage, W. R. L. Gloag, Kenneth Blackwood
Burns, W. J. Colling, W. G. Edkins, Ebenezer Gordon, John Hugh
Burnham, Costello, Tom Crouch Groepe, Christian
Frederick Cohen, A. Edwards, Richard G. Grant, Joseph Christian
Russell Connel, John Elliott, Henry Gordon, George
Butcher, Cregan, Hugh Evans, Alfred Graham, George
William Henry Chawner, Henry Eksteen, John William Gisborne, Dudley Guy
Calcraft, William Eisenlohe, Carl Grimmer, John Robert
Samuel Creighton, Robert W. Everard, J. Vines Garrett, P.
Campbell, Cobbuis, Thomas Eaton, George George, Ernest
John Cilliers, John Enright, Edwin George Glover, L. W.
Alexander Cook, Thomas W. Etherton, John W. Gooding, G.
Livingstone Cousins, John Thomas Edgelow, Herbert Grey, George
Caplin, H. S. Clark, John Henry Edgell, Edward Greene, W. G.
Carden, John Coles, William Clark, Thomas H. Ramsay Ehlert, Frederick Graham, Robert Gwillim, W. H.
Gifford, Howe, James Maurice Kimberley, George McGorlay, Patrick
Maurice Higgins, James Kemp, Thomas Marx, William Henry
Gourlay, Hetherington, John B. Kennelly, William McPherson, William George
James Murray Heck, Harry Patrick Mills, Henry Broughton
Gray, Henry Henry, John Kirton, Argent Marais, Stephanus
William Hutchinson, John Blundell Madden, Henry G.
Gaynor, John Hill, Charles Keefe, C. P. Louis McGin, Peter
William Hecht, John W. Kennedy, William McCaffery, Thomas
Gould, Joseph Hill, John Kenyon, Thomas McCormack, William
Gardner, Hillier, William Henry King, Joseph George Meyers, Frederick
Thomas Hutchinson, Charles Kent, George Morling, Walter
Gannyon, Henry, William Kidson, Michael Murphy, Peter
William Haigh, George Klintworth, Johannis Mathysen, Robert
Gabriel, Leon Hodgson, James R. Kruger, Karl Maynard, Carruthers Francois
Harris, Hallison, William Kjelstroom, A. W. McPhail, William
William Houlston, William Kennedy, James Mathew, Brugeman
Birkbeck Hickey, Frank Hutchinson Morley, William
Hofmeyr, Henry, John Kinloch, Harry McColl, James C.
Arend Horton, George Graham McKenzie, MacIntyre
Hermanus Heany, Maurice David Kennedy, Robert McCormack, Patrick
Hughes, Hacker, William Kenny, W. H. Middlemass, John
George Honey, Wilfred Kedian, Thomas McColl, Patrick
Hamilton, H. Harrison, Thomas Kerr, Hugh Molyneux, Arthur J. Charles
Menzies Evan King, W. E. Miller, Frederick
Hay-Hill, Hampton, Leonard Kronstein, Leonard Matthews, Fletcher
James Trevor Harper, Harry Adam Laing, David Tyrie Mattlysen, Petrus Jacobus
Harding, Hake, George Gordon Llewellyn, Hoel Marvell, Andrew
Sidney Harrington, Garratt Lochner, Fank Elliot Mauhaus, Carl Frederick William
Charles Halforty, James Lovemore, Hector Mackenzie, Paul
Hogg, A. W. Hervey, Hubert John Livingstone Marston, John
Hulbert, John Anthony Lingard, George Main, Andrew
Henry Hewitt, George Lafferty, John Mader, Philip
Hanniford, Hopper, Harman Landsberg, B. McDougall, Donald
John F. Hodges, William Lang, J. McGlynn, P. J.
Hook, Holder, L. Lowler, C. Oscar McGregor, M.
Theodore H. Illingworth, Frank Lucas, J. H. McLaren, Alexander
Haden, Irving, Thomas Lyne, W. McKinnon, Farquhar
Thomas Ingram, Pearl Lendy, Charles McPhadden, Donald
William Ingram, Simpson Frederick Miller, Richard
Halforty, John Ibach, L. G. Lichfield, James Mills, George
Henry, Hugh Ireland, George William Moller, Jacob Francois
Hoggan, Ivers, J. C. Lloyd, Harry Mollar, Nicholas
William Judd, William Joseph Llewellyn Moore, Percy Henry Evelyn
Howcroft, Judge, Charles Edward Leech, Frank Mobbs, George
Arthur Judge, John Charles Landtman, William Mosenthal, Charles Frederick
Hyde, John James, Henry Lay, Thomas Muirhead, Robert Craig
Harris, Jackson, John Lassen, Charles Macpherson, Charles Glenely
Thomas Frederick Claude Martin, Peter Barclay
Edward Jameson, James Lewis, Frank McDonald, Donald S.
Hanson, Jollie, John Tawse Lee, Albert McLattie, Frederick
Victor James, Percy Leighton, Frank Morrison, Robert
Hall, Frank Jansen, Arnold Leverton, Frank McDonald, Colin
Vere Alexander Lingard, Mark McCann, Walter
Hozenfratz, Johnson, Charles W. Alexander McIntyre, Peter
Louis Johnston, William J. Logan, Thomas Moberley, Walter Frederick George
Harrington, Jackson, Charles Lowe, Edward MacDougall, J. P.
Hubert Tyler Johnston, Samuel Long, William McGilvray, J. A.
Henderson, Johnstone, Henry Lynch, Thomas Joseph Mallet, Frank O.
James William Lyall, James May, Leonard Thomas Brander
Hendicks, James, William Lyon, Robert Mack, J.
George Jones, William Henry Lynch, William Martin, John
Herbert, Johnson, Chares G. Patrick Martin, William
Lorenz Francis Jeffery, Joseph Luis, William Mackinder, M.
Hewitt, Jeffreys, Herbert Laarsen, Eric Mackenzie, George Sawers
William Johnson, Benjamin Long, Harry Mack, Frank
Hermphois, Jones, Thomas Lewis, Robert Marsden, J.
Charles Johnston, Edward Lewis, Arthur Boyes Matterson, T.
Hellet, Harold Justo, Pedro Latman, Edgar McAdam, Michael
John Kramer, Frederick William McRory, J.
Hickey, Henry Lyons, Daniel Meiklejohn, Matthew
Gustavus Kemp, David M. Lennox, William Mitchell, James Champion
Hiscock, Kent, Arthur Edward Lifschitz, Samuel Morrison, Edward Graddon
Reuben Kossell, Max Lennock, George Mountford, A.
Hiscock, Keys, George Richard Money, Harold Dalton Watson Moore
Charles David King, John McIntyre, Angus Murray, J.
Hooper, Kiddle, John Michael, Charles Nesbitt, John Warren
Robert Pool Kannemeyer, Charles George Nesbitt, Alec
Hannay, John William Mitchell, James Nesbitt, Frederick
Henry Karle, Charles Ferguson Neale, George
Napier, Parsons, Gerald Rademeyer, John Simson, W. L.
William Moutray Hubert Slavin, John
Naylor, Pedersen, Andrew Ratcliffe, Henry James Smuts, George
George Pike, William, W. T. Rattray, George Southey, Gilmore
Nelson, Pinkerton, James Rall, Julius Steele, W.
Charles Martin Plumja, Franz Ranger, Henry B. Storey, E.
Newby, Posselt, Henry Rees. E. Attwood Svendsen, H.
Edward Posselt, William Rees, Alfred Edwards Swemmer, A. L.
Nimmo, Platt, John Reid, David Swinburne, Umfreville Perc
Walter Pringle, John Chandos Render, Hendrick Shepherd, J. H.
Nilsen, Palmer, Robert Rixon, Milner R. T. Seale, Edgar
Charles Mansbridge Richards, John Slater, E.
Nolan, Martin Perry, William Russell, Louis Straker, Martin
Hoare Purcell, William Rouse, George Smith, Charles Harold
Nolan, George Peacock, Arthur Rule, Thomas Stiles, Robert M.
Nutt, William William Reid, Thomas Schumacher, W. Herman
Nelson, Robert Pretorius, Zacharius Roberts, John Slade, George William
James William Porter, Joseph Richards, Frank Slater, Frank
Nicholson, Pollard, Henry Richards, Thomas J. Schultz, Julius
Arthur Papenfus, L. N. Roper, Thomas Patrick Sandeman, Arthur John Fra
Nussey, Palca, Jacob Riley, Henry Saunders, Robert
George Parsons, W. Richardson, Edward Schultz, Henry
Nettlefold, Payne, F. D. A. William Sheldrake, William
William Parrott, John Raubenheimer, George Sheppard, Arthur
Nel, J. P. Pengelly, Hugh A. Nicholas Sheppard, William
Nias, Perks, John C. Rewis, Henry Singreen, Frank
Frederick Pearson, E. F. Ryder, Frederick Smith, Lambert
Somerset Petratz, Frederick Roedek, Frederick Skuse, Frank
Nicholson, Pirie, George Sampson, John Smith, Thomas Johnstone
Andrew Platt, J. M. Stoddart, James Smith, Farquharson G. M.
Nolan, Patrick Plumer, Richard Stier, William Keppel Smith, Walter Joseph
C. Purdon, Frank Arthur Schultz, George Henry Snook, Henry
Nunn, Percy Paget, Gerald Strike, John Spry, William Murray
Crampton Pursell, Alfred John Stack, Charles Henry Stroyan, Robert Cormack
Ortner, Evan Pirie, John Stent, Vere Stapleton, Louis Henry
George Pender, John Stuart Selous, Frederick Stevens, Cecil Ernest
Oosthuisen, Menzies Courteney Stevens, Frederick
William Pease, Douglas Sonnenberg, Isaac Storrier, Frederick
O'Brien, Louis Clifford Slight, George F. Summers, Frank James
Dennis Prescott, Bertram Schenck, Henry Swan, Thomas E.
O'Callaghan, Pauze, John Sweet, Samuel Sutherland, John
Patrick Joseph Quested, Thomas W. Shed, William Tomes, Charles William
O'Connor, Robertson, Alexander Schmidt, Ernest Tregoning, William
John Hay Smith, Charles H. G. Tannecliff, John
O'Leary, John Robertson, John Simons, Charles Frank Tavanagh, George Osborne
Joseph Rorich, George Stegmann, Charles Tamlin, Frank
Ogilvie, Rouse, Walter P. N. Smith, Charles Tristrail, John
William Roberts, Ernest Ramsay Tinton, John
Ohrmann, Rochester, Walter T. Schmidt, Paul Thomas, Harry
William Rossiter, Thomas Smidt, Charles Thompson, Thomas
Oliver, Robert Rumball, Arthur Abraham Timm, Joseph
O'Maker, Gilbert Smith, Charles B. Todd, Robert
Robert Raaff, Pieter Johannes Slight, George Thomas, Herbert
O'Neil, Ross, Henry Gordon Sandford, George Tyle, Gerrit
Edward Robertson, Henry Schmelzer, George Tennant, J. D.
Openshaw, Lionel Alfred Thurgood, H.
Joseph Reid, William Schultz, William Tanner, Thomas Errington
O'Regan, Ruskin, John Shaw, Robert B. Tayor, Henry B.
Thomas Rankine, Andrew Schroeder, John Taylor, F. J.
Ogilvie, Bogie Smee, James Tekona, Matteo
Ogilvie Reynolds, A. J. Scott, Alexander Thackwray, E.
Hollings Reid, John Southwell, Charles Thorsen, Martin
O'Connor, Ribstock, L. E. Spreckley, John Thompson, Frederick
Joseph Ross, Thomas A. Anthony Thomson, William Alexand
O'Connor, Roper, E. Snodgrass, Richard Tolmay, P.
John Roney, George Graham Tuck, Henry St. John
Owens, W. O. Robinson, H. W. Steward, Augustine Twidwell, Frederick George
Parsons, Jonas Rutherford, C. Stewart, Thomas Taylor, George
Passmore, Reid, Robert Southey, Charles H. Tyler, Charles William
George Rixon, Theodore M. Steward, Richard Turnbull, John
Park, Thomas Robinson, Walter St. Hill, G. H. Upton, William
Parkin, Walter Herring Sykes, J. R. Van de Merwe, Henry
Edward Rabe, Andrew C. Squair, James Vavasseur, Robert
Paddon, Cecil Richards, Charles Savile, Montagu Von Brandis, Adolf
Parsons, Albert Sacamine, Christo Van Blerk, John Daniel
Dudley Rowland, John James Schukala, Joseph Van der Walt, G.
Moutray Robertson, James Scott, J. B. Vincent, David
  McGregor Seward, George Van Dosen, Albert
    Siebert, Julius Van Londen
Vizard, Ware, Henry    
George Frank Williams, Joseph    
Van der Riet, Vaughan    
W. Williams, George    
Vogel, Frank Wright, F. E.    
Leon Werner, Henry Charles    
Wishart, Walters, A. (alias    
William Levy)    
Williams, Watkins, Ernest M.    
Harold Welby, Edward Earle    
Wilson, Justin Weston, H. G.    
Barrell Webb, Alfred    
Whyte, Percy Williams, Owen    
Walsh, John Gwynydd St. George    
Wilson, John Wallace, James    
Wilson, Alfred Williamson, John    
Edward Windham    
White, Windell, H. J.    
Frederick Warwick, J. A.    
James Whittaker, William    
Wilson, Wright, S. O.    
Charles Webb, Edwin    
Frederick Wright, Richard Lloyd    
Wise, George Watkins, Charles    
Warrington, Watson, Henry George    
George Watson, Thomas    
Weinthal, Paul Colclough    
Whitworth, Wardle, James    
Robert Wells, T.    
Wilsnaugh, H. White, K.    
William Williams, Thomas    
Williams, Withers, A.    
Alfred C. Williams, J    
Wilson, Albert      
Henry Robert      
Wright, John      
Warner, James      
Weale, M. E.      
Weldom, John      
Weir, Herbert M.      
Henry L.      
White, Charles      
Williams, H. H      
Wilson, Peter      
Woit, Richard      
Wood, Percy      
Woods, Arthur      
W. Percy      
Charles H.      
Frederick John      
Wilson, Allan      
White, Charles J      
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