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Aligning the laws to the current Constitution of the Republic of Zimbabwe

The Inter-­Ministerial Taskforce (IMT) on the alignment of legislation to the constitution was set up in 2015 with the objective to co-­ordinate the process of alignment of all legislation of the Government of Zimbabwe with the Constitution of Zimbabwe (Amendment No 20), 2013.

Read, download and share the attached two newsletters from the IMT, showing progress, snags and current status of the alignment.




University of Zimbabwe Students Law Review Journal - Call for Articles

Are you a budding or experienced legal author, researcher or analyst? 

The Editorial Board of the University of Zimbabwe Student Journal (UZSJ) has announced a call for articles. Law Academics, Practitioners, Gvt. officials, Law Students and organisations in the legal profession are invited to contribute to the 5th Volume of the University of Zimbabwe Students Law Review Journal (UZSLRJ). Guidelines for would-be contributors are provided in the attachment. 


Looking forward to hear from you!



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