The Zimbabwe Electronic Law Journal Now a Refereed Journal


Electronic Journal Now a Refereed Journal

Since its inception this Journal has had an Editorial Board consisting of editors from the Faculty of Law at the University of Zimbabwe.

The Journal is now a refereed Journal and the articles are assessed by a panel of external distinguished legal scholars, namely Professor Anne Hellum, Professor Reg Austin and Dr Alex Magaisa.

The articles for the first number in 2018 have been reviewed by Professor Anne Hellum.

Professor Anne Hellum holds a Doctor Juris degree from the Faculty of Law at the University of Oslo (thesis title “Women’s Human Rights and Legal Pluralism in Africa” (TANO/Mhond books 1999). She is currently a Professor in law, in the Law Faculty at the University of Oslo. She is also the Director Institute of Women’s Law, Child Law, Equality and Discrimination Law, and the Leader of of the Faculty of Law’s Research Group Rights, Individuals, Culture and Society. She I has published more than 240 articles, book chapters, books and research reports. More than 175 of these have appeared in refereed journals and book series.

Professor Reginald Austin holds a Masters of Law degree from the University College of London. He has taught law at the University of Cape Town and was the first Dean of Law at the University of Zimbabwe after Independence in 1980. He has also lectured at Africa University. He was appointed as Chairperson of the Zimbabwe Human Rights Commission but resigned because he considered that the Commission was not sufficiently independent and properly capacitated to do its work in a credible manner. He has considerable expertise in the fields of human rights and election management. He has often by engaged in international organisations to advise on and assist with election management in post-conflict situations such in South Africa, Cambodia, East Timor and other countries. He is currently a Board Member of the Zimbabwe Institute.

Dr Alex Magaisa holds a PhD in Law from University of Warwick in the United Kingdom. He trained as a lawyer in Zimbabwe and the U.K and he currently teaches law at Kent Law School, the University of Kent. Alex has extensive experience in and knowledge of Zimbabwean law and politics. He has held positions which have given him a vantage view of Zimbabwean law and politics.