Zimbabwe Government Gazette dated 2021-08-27 number 102


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Vol. XCIX, No. 102 27th AUGUST, 2021 Price RTGS$170,00

General Notice 2475 of 2021. development of a Hotel and Conference Centre. The Board will
discuss with the tenderers for ways of acquiring the site and will enter
BURIAL AND CREMATION ACT [CHAPTER 5:05] into an Agreement of Lease with Option to Purchase and eventually
acquire title subject to the fulfilment of the saidAgreement. Tenderers
Appointment of a Medical Referee should indicate what they are offering for the site as well as state
the approximate minimum value of the envisaged development to
IT is hereby notified that the Mini ster of HomeAffairs and Culturalbe effected on the site.
Heritage has, in terms of section 16(1) of the Burial and Cremation
Act [Chapter 5:03] read with section 10(1) of the Cremation Site inspection
Regulations 1969, published in Rhodesia Government Notice 546 A compulsory pre-tender meeting and site visit will be conducted
of 1969, duly appointed Dr. E. Sibanda as a medical referee of the on the 30th August, 2021, at 1200 hours at the Local Board Head
Bulawayo City Council. Office, Stand 250 Lupane.
HON. KAZEMBE KAZEMBE, Tender documents are obtainable from the Lupane Board Offices
27-8-2021. Minister of Home Affairs and Cultural Heritage. or through email at the address given below during normal working
hours i.e. 0800 hours to 1530 hours, Mondays - Fridays.
General Notice 2476 of 2021. Tenders in sealed envelopes and clearly/boldly marked
reach the undersigned not later than 1200 hours (12 noon) on the
Application for Plant Breeders Rights 10th September, 2021, or, if hand delivered, be deposited in the
tender box at Office No. 6, Lupane Local Board Offices, Stand 250,
IT is hereby notified, in terms of section 12 subsection (1) of the Lupane, on or before the same date i.e. 1200 hours (12 noon) on
Plant Breeders Rights Act [Chapter 18:16], that an application has the 10th September, 2021. Tender opening will be done on the 10th
been made to the Registrar for granting of plant breeders rights in September, 2021, soon after 1200 hours (12 noon) and tenderers are
respect of Mandarin (plants) the names and particulars of which are free and indeed welcome to attend the opening of tenders.
specified in the Schedule.
Please note:
Any person wishing to object to the granting of the plant breeders
right to the applicants must do so, in writing, to the Registrar of the > The Board is not obliged to accept the highest or any tender.
Plant Breeders Rights, PO. Box CY 550, Causeway, within three > The tendered site can be viewed by appointment (by
months from the date of publication of this notice. telephoning +263 812 856 511/522) during normal working
C. MUJAJU, hours i.e. 0800 hours to 1530 hours, Mondays - Fridays.
27-8-2021. Registrar of Plant Breeders Rights.
Schedule 27-8-2021. Town Secretary.
APPLICATION No. 2101 General Notice 2478 of 2021.
Name of applicant: Comoset (Pty) Ltd
Date of application: 15/04/2021 LUPANE LOCAL BOARD
Kind of plant: Citrus L (Mandarin) Invitation to Domestic Competitive Bidding
Name or temporary designation: Laenri
Distinguishing characteristics: Leanri is early maturing, has 0-3 THE Lupane Local Board invites eligible bidders registered with
seeds per fruit and has medium to large fruit size. the Procurement Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe (PRAZ) to
participate in the following tenders:
General Notice 2477 of 2021.
Tender number
LLB/RW/W.07/2021. Servicing of Hlalanikuhle stands: Construction
Invitation to Tender of surfaced roads, storm water drainage and sewer reticulation.
Compulsory site visit: 1st September, 2021, at 1000 hours.
TENDER- HOTEL AND CONFERENCE CENTRE Closing date: 17th September, 2021, at 1000 hours.
INTERESTED companies/or individuals are invited to tender for LLB/S.02/1/2021. Request for expressions of interest for provision
an 9.5 ha Hotel and Conference Centre site along the Bulawayo- of debt collection services. Closing date: 17th September,
Victoria Falls Highway within Lupane Local Board area for the 2021, at 1000 hours.