Zimbabwe Government Gazette dated 2022-01-14 number 4

Published by Authority

Vol. XCX, No. 4 14th JANUARY, 2022 Price RTGS$220,00

General Notice 30 of 2022. ¢ Certificate of Incorporation.
e At least three detailed traceable references.
¢ Three months’ Bank Statement.
NOTIFICATION OF TENDER CANCELLATION ¢ Proof of registration with the Procurement Regulatory
Authority of Zimbabwe (PRAZ).
Tender number e NSSA registration certificate.
KRDC/CF/TRC/2/21. Supply and delivery of 4 x 4 tractor with ¢ Proof of payment of tender fees of RTGS$1 000,00,
5-tonne farm trailer . deposited into our Agribank KTC Rates Account
Number 125000053152 or Ecocash Merchant Code
For further enquiries please contact:
28295 or a direct payment at Council Cash Office at the
Acting Chief Executive Officer, Main Offices.
Kusile Rural District Council,
There shall be a compulsory site visit on Tuesday, 18th
Stand No. 250 ,
January, 2022, at 1000 hours for the construction services
P.O Box 21,
Bid documents hardcopy with detailed specifications are
email: kusileruraldistrictcouncil@ gmail.com obtainable from Karoi Town Council Registry Office, 78,
Contact Number: +263 81 285 6495/4 or 0773 374 571 Brooks Street, Karoi. or email on ktepurchasing@ gmail.
com 061215 6402
General Notice 31 of 2022. Bidding Documents should be submitted in the tender box
in the Registry Office, Council Main Offices, 78, Brooks
KAROI TOWN COUNCIL (KTC) Street, Karoi, before 1000 hours on Friday, 21st January,
2022. Bidding documents will be opened at 1000 hours on
Invitation to Domestic Competitive Bidding the same date in the presence of available Bidders.
Council Main Offices,
Tender number 78, Brooks Street, T. NAMISALA,
Karol. Acting Town Secretary.
KAROI Town Council is inviting registered, reputable and well-
established companies for the supply and delivery of the following: General Notice 32 of 2022.
1. Motor vehicle:
Brand new 4 x 4 single cab. Quantity: 1. Domestic Competitive Tenders Invitation
2. Equipment:
5000lts water bowser. Quantity: 1. Bids are invited from established suppliers and service providers
2000lts water bowser. Quantity: 1. for the:
3. Waste bins Tender number
Outdoor Waste Bins. Quantity: 4 000.
GSU/001/2022. Supply and delivery of building materials for the
4. Office furniture lecture block. Closing date: 24th January, 2022 at 1000 hours.
¢ Boardroom Chairs. Quantity: 30.
¢ Boardroom Table. Quantity: 1. GSU/PREQ/009/2021. Suppliers standing list invitation (re-tender).
Closing date: 10th February, 2022, at 1000 hours.
5. Construction services
¢ Guest House Dura-wall construction: Variousin quantity. Electronic copies of the tender documents are available for
e Administration Office Painting: Detailed information free on request through our email shown below. The request
to be found in the bidding document. should be written on the bidder’s letterhead.
6. Construction Services fix and supply: Construction of NB* Suppliers who submitted hard copies for tender GSU/
Clinic in Chiedza. Quantity: 1. PREQ/009/2021 should not resubmit. Only hard copies for
all both tenders will be accepted.
Interested bidders are requested to submit their bidding This advertisement is also available on our website; www.
documents in sealed envelopes clearly labelled e. g.““motor gsu.ac.zw
vehicle” Tender number KTC/ENG/2022/01 together with
the following documents: Bids in sealed envelopes endorsed with the tender number,
description of tender and closing date and time of tender
¢ Company Profile. should be hand delivered and deposited in the tender box on