Zimbabwe Government Gazette dated 2022-04-26 number 43


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Vol. XCX, No. 43 26th APRIL, 2022 Price RTGS$380,00

General Notice 951A of 2022.
Venue: MOTID Chemagora Offices, at 1100 hours.
Lot 3: 19th April, 2022.
Venue: MOTID Gweru Offices, at 1100 hours.
Invitation to Domestic Tenders Issue date: 15th April, 2022. Closing date: 10th May, 2022.
THE Ministry of Transport and Infrastructural Development
(MOTID) of the Republic of Zimbabwe is inviting prospective Tender documents are obtainable from the Procurement
registered bidders to participate in the following tender: Management Unit Office, Ministry of Transport and
Infrastructural Development, Room 41, Fourteenth Floor,
TENDERS must be enclosed in sealed envelopes and endorsed on
Kaguvi Building, corner Simon Vengai Muzenda Street and
the outside with the correct reference number, the description, the
Ahmed Ben Bella Avenue, Harare between 0745 hours and
closing date and must be delivered by hand to Ministry of Transport
1600 hours during week days.
and Infrastructural Development, Office 14/41, Fourteenth Floor,
Kaguvi Building, cnr. Simon Vengai Muzenda Street and Ahmed NB: Documents will be issued upon payment of a non-
Ben Bella Avenue, Harare, on or before 1100 hours on the closing refundable fee of two thousand five hundred dollars
date. No faxed, e-mailed or late tenders will be considered. (ZWLS$2 500,00) only, per tender.
Tender number
MOTID/ERRP2/38 OF 2022. Emergency Road Rehabilitation
Program 2: CONTENTS
Lot 1: Mabasa—Aerodrome
Lot 2: Marungu-—Shelvert General Notice

Lot 3: Gweru—Lower Gweru reseal. Number Page
951A. Ministry of Transport and Infrastructural a on (MOTID):
Registration: Ministry of Local Government and Public Invitation to Domestic Tenders . 2... » « 993
Works, CIFOZ and or ZBCA Under Category A or B or C
of Civil Engineering Contractors only. Statutory Instrument Issued as a Supplement to this Gazette Extraordinary

Compulsory site visit: Number

Lot 1: 19th April, 2022. 80A. Customs and Excise (General) (Amendment) Regulations, 2022 (No. 108).

Venue: MOTID Gweru Office, at 1100 hours.
Lot 2: 28th April, 2022.

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