Zimbabwe Government Gazette dated 2022-06-17 number 67


Published by Authority

Vol. XCX, No. 67 17th JUNE, 2022 Price RTGS$624,00

General Notice 1279 of 2022.


Tender Award Notices

NOTICE is hereby given, in terms of section 68 of the Public Procurement and Disposal of Public Assets Act [Chapter
22:23], for contracts awarded by ZOU. Zimbabwe Open University would like to thank all the bidders who participated.

Tender number Description Contractor Contract Value

ZOU/D/02/2022 Supply and delivery of ICT equipment
(Lot 3 and 4) Corei3 Laptop, ID card printer Farnic Investment ZWL$582 013,81
ZOU/D/02/2022 Supply and delivery of ICT equipment
(Lot 3) web camera with stand Patch Solutions ZWL$156 636,00
ZOU/D/02/2022 Supply and delivery of ICT equipment Nycom Trading (Private) Limited, | ZWHL$5 447 500,00
(Lot 3 and 4) AIO desktop Corei3, HP laser printer, Mult Touch trading as Delux Computers
Laptop, HP Probook 450 G7 Corei7.
ZOU/D/02/2022 Supply and delivery of ICT equipment Foxfort Investment ZWL$986 065,00
(Lot 3 and 5) AIO desktop Corei7, cabling and accessories
ZOU/DO 1/2022 Supply and delivery of corporate wear (branded Bliv (Private) Limited ZWLS$431 250,00
shopper’s bag and cargo waist coat)
ZOU/DO 1/2022 Supply and delivery of corporate wear (ladies’ Loworld Media ZWLS$1 273 050,00
formal shirts and tracksuits)
ZOU/DO 1/2022 Supply and delivery of corporate wear (men’s Glenage Trading ZWL$845 000,00
formal shirts and cargo shirts)
ZOU/D05/2022 Supply and delivery of condition of service vehicle Croco Motors USD64 250.00

ZOU/EOIV/02/2022 | Expression of Interest to sell ZOU graduation Zoe Manufactures and Gowns N/A
regalia World
ZOU/D03/2022 Supply and delivery of an elevator Liftech ZWLS$11 954 800.00

General Notice 1280 of 2022. This advertisement is also available on our website: www.
gsu.ac.zw and the PRAZ portal https://portal.praz.org.zw/
Bids in sealed envelopes endorsed with the tender number,
description of tender and closing date and time of tender
Domestic Competitive Tender Invitation should be hand delivered and deposited in the tender box
on or before the above-stated dates addressed to:
BIDS are invited from established suppliers and service providers The Procurement Management Unit (PMU),
for the supply/provision of the following: Office 10, Administration Block,
Tender number Gwanda State University,
Epoch Mine Campus, Filabusi, Zimbabwe.
GSU/006/2022. Supply and delivery of a used/pre-owned 7-tonne
truck. Closing date and time: 23rd June, 2022, at 1000 hours. For further details, contact the Procurement Management
Electronic copies of the tender documents are available for Unit on (084) 28247219 or (084) 2824716
free on request through our email shown below. The request Email address: procurement@gsu.ac.zw
should be written on the bidder’s signed letterhead. Late submissions will not be accepted.