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Part I – Introduction and Preliminary Constitutional Considerations  

1 Introduction – Admark Moyo 3 
2 Basic Tenets of Zimbabwe’s New Constitutional Order – Admark Moyo 17 
3 Zimbabwe’s Constitutional Values, National Objectives and the Declaration of Rights – Admark Moyo 43 

Part II – The Interpretation and Limitation of Fundamental rights 
4 The Interface between International and National Human Rights Law under the Zimbabwean Constitution – Admark Moyo 91 
5 Foreign Law, Constitutional Interpretation and the Challenges of Legal Transplantation in Zimbabwe – Nkosana Maphosa 120 
6 Limitations of Rights in Zimbabwe – Valantine Mutatu 143 

Part III – The Rights of Vulnerable Groups 
7 Gender Equality and Women’s Rights under the 2013 Zimbabwean Constitution – Rosalie Katsande and Tariro Tandi 175 
8 The Rights of Persons with Disabilities in Zimbabwe – Christine Peta and Admark Moyo 195 
9 The Legal Status of Children’s Rights in Zimbabwe – Admark Moyo 243 
10 Constitutional Framework for the Protection of Language Rights of Linguistic Minorities in Zimbabwe – Innocent Maja 287 

Part IV – Emerging Issues under the 2013 Zimbabwean Constitution 
11 Socio-Economic Rights under the 2013 Zimbabwean Constitution – Khulekani Moyo 319 
12 Unpacking the Environmental Rights Clause in the Zimbabwean Constitution – James Tsabora 347 
13 Children’s Environmental Rights and Environmental Governance in Zimbabwe: A Constitutional Approach – 
Rongedzayi Fambasayi, Josephine Chiname and Rejoice Kadzidzira 363 
14 Foreign Investment, Indigenous Communities and the Constitutional Protection of Property Rights in Zimbabwe – James Tsabora and Mutuso Dhliwayo 380 
15 The Constitutional State and Traditionalism under the 2013 Zimbabwean Constitution: A Critique – James Tsabora 400 

Part V – Mechanisms for the Enforcement of Rights and Conclusion  
16 Standing, Access to Justice and Human Rights in Zimbabwe – Admark Moyo 417 
17 The Role of the Zimbabwe Human Rights Commission in the Protection, Promotion and Enforcement of Fundamental Rights and Freedoms – Chris Munguma 454 
18 An Overview of the African Human Rights System – Tarisai Mutangi 477 
19 Conclusion and Way Forward – Admark Moyo 500