when may be ordered (Joinder of parties)

Nyekile One Penny Half Penny (PVT) LIMITED (HB 1-18, HC 2097/16 X REF HC 2122/16) [2018] ZWBHC 1 (01 January 2018);

NYEKILE ONE PENNY HALF PENNY (PVT) LTD APPLICANT And PARIRENYATWA GROUP OF HOSPITALS 1ST RESPONDENT And SURDAX INVESTMENTS (PV) LTD 2ND RESPONDENT IN THE HIGH COURT OF ZIMBABWE TAKUVA J 28 JULY 2017 & 18 JANUARY 2018 Opposed Application Advocate L. Nkomo for the applicant Advocate H. Moyo for the 1st respondent No appearance for 2nd respondent TAKUVA J: This is an application for review of a decision made by the 1st respondent. The applicant is an unsuccessful bidder in a tender process that was flighted by the 1st respondent.

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